How many types of migration are there?

How many types of migration are there?

Do you know what types of migration there are in the world? In Nigeria? You don't have to search for this information anywhere else. We have it here. Read about types of migration!

Types of migration policies in Nigeria

Migration policies

Types of migration policies

Migration of the population is the movement of people from one region (country) to another - in some cases in large groups and over long distances.

There are two main terms that are inherently associated with migration:

1. Immigration - people come from other countries.

2. Emigration - people leave their native country.

Immigration is when people from one country or state go to another for temporary or permanent residence. Such people are called immigrants.

Emigration is when people resettle from one country to another for economic, political or personal reasons. It is indicated in relation to the country from which they migrate.


Now this concept is not a new one for most people. For centuries, people have always felt the need to move. During the industrial revolution, about 50 million people left Europe for Canada, Australia, the USA, Argentina, South Africa, and New Zealand. They moved for different reasons.

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And today the situation is similar. But it has become much easier for people to move. There are many different vehicles and search methods. They accelerate the process of resettlement.

People migrate

Migration policy is a system of generally accepted (at the level of power) structures of ideas and conceptually united means by which, first of all, the state, as well as other public institutions, observing certain principles, presuppose achievement of the set goals.

The policy should be conducted in accordance with the principles that constitute the fundamental foundations of the state (the Constitution, international legal acts, etc.).


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Different types of migration

Nigerian women

Various types of migration depend on the number and flow of people who are often involved. Also, the reasons for their resettlement, the time spent in migration. And the last one thing - the feature of the migration.

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You might be wondering:

"What types of migration should I know about?"

There are seven types. And now we will learn more about them:

1. Intercontinental migration. This is when the resettlement is across continents. For instance, from Korea to Brazil (Asia - South America). We say intracontinental migration if the resettlement is within the same continent. People can migrate from one place to another while being in the same country, region or continent. It can also be called regional/internal migration.

Intercontinental migration

2. Rural-Urban migration. People from rural areas and countrysides can move to urban areas in the same country. They can search for new lifestyles and better opportunities.

3. Forced/involuntary migration. This can be the case if the government of certain areas forces the inhabitants to move.

4. Impelled migration. It can be also called imposed. Nobody is forced to move but there can be a very important reasons for resettlement. For example, war or hunger.

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5. Seasonal migration. You can understand the meaning from the title. People move because of climate or crop harvesting. When this season is over, they can come back to their homes.

Seasonal migration

6. Return migration. This refers to people who have migrated and now want to come back. It is called voluntary return. They might miss the way things once were and they realize they want to come back after spending years in migration. It happens very often. For example, young people who move to the city for a job and then they come back home after retirement.

7. Long/short-term migration. If people are threatened by something in the place where they live, then they leave forever. But not always. It can be a temporary move. For example, people want to receive better health care because they suffer from a disease. Also, some people can study or work in one place and then in 20 years, they decide to come back.

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Types of labour migration

Labour migration

Labour migration is the movement of people either within the country or between countries to fill vacant jobs. According to sociologists, labor migration is an important feature of economic development. There is a "gravitation" of migrants to the country (region), where there are working vacancies and a shortage of labor. Also it is "pushing out" migrants from countries (regions) with high unemployment or underemployment.

Nigerian people

There is internal migration of labor between regions of one state, and external migration affecting several countries. The science of the international economy deals with the external migration of the labor force and its economic effects.

Today you have learned some useful facts about migration and its types. Over time, this concept has become popular and it's unlikely that people will stop moving as there will always be reasons to move, whether voluntarily or otherwise.

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