Garlic and pregnancy: what is the effect?

Garlic and pregnancy: what is the effect?

Do you know the effect of garlic for future moms? Let's point out some benefits of this product in pregnancy! We will tell you if garlic and pregnancy makes for an advantageous situation.

Garlic and pregnancy: What is the effect?

Actually, a comprehensive list of risks associated with eating garlic during the pregnancy is not known. However, it is proably a great idea to steer clear of large amounts of garlic and substances with garlic during pregnancy. While a normal dietary intake is likely not going to induce any problems, too much garlic can potentially lead to a miscarriage.

Garlic: What is the effect during pregnancy?

Health benefits of garlic

Well, garlic seems to have a wide diversity of health benefits. However, a lot of the studies that showed that garlic is beneficial were based on the dietary consumption of the garlic (via the food, not via other means like tea). It is not entirely clear whether garlic from other sources provide the same benefits as eating garlic with meals or if certain kinds of garlic substances are better than others.


Garlic is believed to be useful for just about everything. Here are some benefits:

- heart health;

- cancer prevention;

- infection prevention or treatment;

- diabetes treatment, etc.

Pregnancy and garlic

A normal consumption of garlic from dietetic sources is likely no cause for worry for pregnant women.

Garlic and pregnancy

According to scientific researches, it was reported that garlic has some properties which can potentially lead to a miscarriage. But there have not officially been any reported instance of pregnancy problems caused by garlic. It is a well-known fact that garlic elements pass through the placenta into the amniotic fluid, as many other substances do. So from this, we know that there is a possibility of harm but nothing is a hundred percent confirmed.

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Is garlic good for a pregnant woman?

Actually, one of the studies looked at the effects of garlic supplements in women with a high risk for preeclampsia in the third pregnancy trimester. Even though garlic does not seem to decrease the risk of preeclampsia, it does not seem to solve any problems either.

Garlic and pregnant women

What we know is that garlic, particularly in big doses, can "disperse" the blood, potentially increasing the risk of bleeding. So, this can be rather risky during the pregnancy. As there are no reported benefits of garlic supplements for pregnant women, and as the whole list of risks has not been discovered, it will be better to steer clear of garlic supplements or abnormally large amounts of raw or cooked garlic during the pregnancy.

Pregnant lady


Let’s look through some pros of garlic consumption during pregnancy:

1) Folic acid, which can be found in the aromatic cloves, can lead to a normal development of the growing baby`s locomotive and nervous system.

2) Due to the anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, it can be advised for pregnant women to take during the flu and cold season. It is much better to prevent illnesses than to treat them by using medicines from a chemist's shop, particularly if you are expecting a child. So, garlic can be a dependable helper in prevention of colds. Malignant bacteria will not have a chance!

Garlic effect

3) It can stabilize your blood pressure and decrease the risk of thrombus.


Here is the list of some side effects of garlic consumption during pregnancy:

1) This product can lead to an allergic reaction.

2) Also, garlic can induce heart burn and pains in the stomach.

3) Intake of garlic supplements during the third pregnancy trimester can have an effect on the lactation process.

Baby hand

4) Also, garlic will change the taste of the milk, and it way become very spicy or bitter for your baby.

In general, pros and cons of consuming garlic are two sides of the same coin. The best dosage to consume garlic is no more than one clove per day. This dose will give you all the positive effects and prevent the risks.

It is better to include garlic in your pregnancy diet in the 1st trimester. In the course of this period, eating it does not have such a big effect on the fetus as in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

pregnancy 3rd trimester

So, as you can see, garlic has some advantages and disadvantages as well. So from this, we know that garlic and pregnancy during the first trimester is not known to cause any harm. But on later months, it is best to eat less of this spice and find other ways to get the nutrients you need.

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