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Wizkid son and Olamide son: Who is cuter?

Wizkid son and Olamide son: Who is cuter?

Wizkid and Olamide are both famous and successful singers. In addition, they are caring fathers of little boys! To make sure their “little copies” always look stylish and dressed with swag, they spend thousands of dollars on buying the best outfits for them. Let’s see who is cuter: Wizkid's or Olamide’s son? Which one will break ladies’ hearts in future?

Wizkid son and Olamide son: Who is cuter?

Wow! Wizkid son and Olamide son: Who is cuter?!

Wizkid’s little "Starboy"

Wizkid is ranked as the 5th richest singer by Forbes in Nigeria and got to be on the list of the Top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists by Channel O in 2013. Aside from his musical career, he dedicates all his free time to his family. It was revealed that the singer became a father at a very early age. He was 21-years old when his first son was born. There were a lot of rumours about Wizkid and his girlfriend back in 2011. Some news sources confirmed that the then-undergraduat Sola Ogudugu is the mother of Wizkid’s kid. They also mentioned that Sola and Wizkid’s families knew about the relationship between their children.

Little "Starboy" and his cute outfits get everyone's stunned

Wizkid son's outfits get everyone's attention

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However, when the story eventually came out, neither Wizkid nor anyone else confirmed that star couple had a kid together. In addition, Wizkid kept on denying in several interviews and saying he did not have any children.

On March 17, 2016, Wizkid did the DNA test and its result confirmed that: ‘Ayodeji Balogun (Wizkid) cannot be excluded as the biological father of the child. Using the above systems, the probability of paternity is 99.9%.’

Wizkid son and star mommy love to be with each other

Wizkid son and his lovely mommy like to spend time together

However, it seemed that singer admitted his fatherhood a long time ago. Back in 2013, he started to upload pictures of himself and his 2-year-old son to his Instagram account. Now he enjoys being a father of not of one son, but two!

Wizkid's son

Wizkid's elder son

Wizkid's second son

Wizkid's younger son

Everyone congratulated the star when they heard about his second child. The new baby mama, Binta Diallo, seems to enjoy her new status and keeps on posting photos of her and Wizkid’s baby to her Instagram account.

Wizkid cute second son

Binta Diamond and son

Wizkid's second baby mama Binta Diamond and son

The father refused to comment on the birth of his second child but he neither denied nor confirm reports of a second child. Wizkid welcomed a son from another lady, so now he is a father of five-year-old Boluwatife Balogun and one-year old Ayo Balogun Jnr.

We may consider the following reply of Wizkid as his agreement of the fact that he has two cute sons from two beautiful ladies.

Wizkid's tweet

Wizkid keeps on spoiling his older little “Starboy”! Let’s look at Wizkid’s older son Boluwatife Balogun and his cute photos!

Wizkid son and Olamide son: Who is cuter?

Look at him! Wizkid's son is such a stylish young man

Wizkid' stylish son

Olamide’s crazy boy

He is known by his stage name Olamide. He is a Nigerian hip hop star artist from Bariga, Lagos State. The popular rapper is not just the best on the microphone, but also a playful and caring father at home. YBNL rapper and his fiancé Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman welcomed their first baby boy on Friday, January 30, 2015. Now Olamide is a proud father of Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji.

Olamide son and daddy love to take photos together

Star selfie: Olamide son and star daddy

Although Olamide admits that he may not marry his girlfriend, but he says that he is in love. Olamide doesn’t believe in marriage. He says that when the time comes, it will be all very special for both of them. He just focuses on being a good man and a caring father.

Olamide says: "I mean I’m not God. At the end of the day, everything you’re going to do or achieve in life has been written. God knows tomorrow, nobody knows tomorrow. I’m just trying my best to be a great father and a responsible man."

Olamide son and baby mama

Olamide with son and baby mama

Nowadays, Olamide enjoys spending free time with his little boy. Batifeori seems to love different activities! Little Bat is into climbing. Of course, like his star daddy, he loves to play with cars. Olamide shared some photos on Snapchat of his little boy inside his G-Wagon, trying to drive daddy's car. It is obvious that the singer and his son are best friends. Olamide recently uploaded the photo of himself with his little boy, wearing Barcelona FC gear. Even his school bag has FC Barcelona print on it. Check out the adorable father and son:

Olamide just love to spend free time with little cutie!

Olamide and his cute son

Olamide and son in the car

Olamide son loves his star life

Olamide son from early years starts to learn how it is to lead star life

The star enjoys sharing photos and videos of his son. Last video uploaded was him playing with the dreadlocks of his little son ‘Bat’, whose full name is Batifeori Maximiliano Adedeji.

Olamide recently said: “Dyeing my son’s hair was deliberate. We are just jumping on this twinning trend. I’m doing my best to raise my son in the right way. I try as much as I can to spend time with him and make sure I’m part of his day to day growth.”

Olamide and Wizkid sons

Olamide son and Wizkid son: Who is cuter?

Well, after looking at so many photos of Olamide and Wizkid’s sons, we cannot say who is cuter! Both star kids are little heartbreakers! They are so sweet and both are amazing kids. Olamide and Wizkid must really enjoy their fatherhood. So what do you think, which celebrity child is cuter? Share your point of view in the comments.

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