Most luxurious bus interior in the world

Most luxurious bus interior in the world

There is probably not a person in the world who does not like to travel. It's a wonderful feeling when you visit various beautiful places and discover a lot of new things. 60% of these trips are can be taken by buses. To please customers, automobile factories create comfortable vehicles and real houses on wheels. What does the most luxurious bus interior in the world look like? In this article, we list the top 5 most expensive buses that will totally amaze you.

Most luxurious bus interior in the world

1. Superbus

The United Arab Emirates is the pinnacle of perfection. In this country, a child's pocket money exceeds the average wages in some countries. This is the richest state, where the inhabitants have long since been accustomed to luxury and perfection. In the UAE, almost everyone has a personal car, a house, a job, but even in this region, there are also buses. They are really different from the usual public transport mainly in terms of comfort and luxury.

Superbus in Dubai

In 2017 a bus with the name "Superbus" was introduced in Dubai. It's to run between the most expensive cities in the country. This vehicle costs 13 million euros and here's why:

● It is made of super light and durable fiber, which is used in the construction of missiles.

● The length of this "Miracle" is 15 meters, but the maximum speed it reaches is 250 kilometers per hour.

● There are 23 seats. Each provides a high level of safety and comfort.

Superbus seats

● All seats are equipped with seatbelts and airbags, a massage chair made of expensive leather, own TV and free access to the wireless network.

● Also, each passenger has the ability to control the climate of his seat as each individual air conditioner is installed above each seat, and the place itself has controlled heating.

● Inside the bus, all parts are made of expensive and luxurious materials, and the furnishings were designed by first-class world designers.

Superbus interior

● Despite the high speed and power of the bus, it is an electric vehicle, thus it does not pollute the environment.

● The engine and batteries are manufactured by the latest technology, thanks to which, this bus is able to work with the same maximum energy as consumed by an ordinary bus at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.



This personal bus for travel was the most expensive until 2015, its costs 3 million dollars. The length of this masterpiece is 12 meters, inside is a real "Royal Site". All the details of the car interior are created according to the design vision of high-class professionals, and everything is made of expensive materials:

EleMMent PALAZZO on the road

● Inside the bus, there is an entire equipped room in which you can control the temperature, light and sound effects.

EleMMent Palazzo

● There is also a bathroom in which everything is furnished with marble.

● A kitchen.

EleMMent PALAZZO rooms

● Above all, this is a transparent, glass roof, thanks to which you can enjoy the beauty of bright stars in the night.

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EleMMent PALAZZO - design

However, it's not the only luxury at a high level. This bus is also environmentally friendly. Thanks to modern technology, this car consumes 20% less fuel than the average bus. The maximum speed of this royal vehicle is 150 kilometers per hour.

EleMMent PALAZZO - bedroom


It turns out that well-known auto construction company Ferrari can produce not only high-class cars. The unique bus CAMPER VAN came off the assembly line of the company. In appearance, it is an ordinary bus with huge dimensions, but if you just get inside, your impression will change radically.


Inside this oversized luxurious bus, there are four comfortable rooms. Among them, there is a kitchen which any housekeeper would like to use, a gym with all the necessary equipment and a bathroom made from marble. And there is a bedroom in which you can relax in comfort in any conditions.

CAMPER VAN interior

This bus is designed for a real traveler. Everything is there to make your trip unforgettable and comfortable. However, not everyone will be able to afford such a pleasure, because this bus costs about 1.2 million dollars. It is also worth noting that with this bus you can easily carry not only your wife and children but also your own car.

The Italian company said that it is not just a unit bus, but a serial car that will be happy to find its buyer. Of course, no one will refuse such a vehicle, however, due to the high cost, such buses are created only on advance order. You will only get this bus three months after the application company approves you.

CAMPER VAN for you

4. VDL Futura

At the fourth place of our rating is VDL Futura - the bus that costs 1.1 million dollars. Contrary to this sum, the vehicle seems to be a simple bus for passengers who don't need expensive interior. However, the first impression can be erroneous, because everyone will feel comfortable in it. In 2013, this bus was recognized as the best among means of transportation.

VDL Futura - one of the best buses

This is a very powerful bus with a strong engine, which consumes 50% less fuel than a similar one. Designers of this car pretty much worked to create comfort and amenities. Not only do passengers feel the results of their work, but also the driver. He is equipped with a comfortable place and all conveniences. The technical characteristics are specially adjusted for easy handling of the huge bus.

VDL Futura - drivers place

Every passenger has all comforts for a pleasant stay. Even the needs of the most demanding passenger will be tended to. Tickets for a trip in such means of transportation cost three times more than in ordinary ones, but the cost will justify itself.

VDL Futura - seats

5. Vario

The German bus manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, introduced its masterpiece! It's a production car Vario, which costs 1,021,078 euros. This price justifies itself, because thanks to the high quality of all running parts, the vehicle will not break during a long-distance trip.


Inside the bus is a very beautiful interior made from expensive materials. There are also several rooms for comfort. This bus is very reliable and technologically advanced. Besides, if you do not want to leave your favorite car at home during your trip, it can find a place in the special designated spot in the bus.


We wish you comfortable travels and unforgettable experience!

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