11 reasons 80% of Nigerian doctors are trying to leave the country

11 reasons 80% of Nigerian doctors are trying to leave the country

According to a new survey by Nigerian Polling organization (NOIPolls), 8 out of every 10 medical doctors in Nigeria are currently seeking work opportunities abroad, and this includes junior, mid and senior level doctors in both public and private medical institutions.

This survey was carried out with Nigeria Health Watch and shows that some of the medical personnel include house officers, corps members, medical and senior medical officer, residents, registrars, consultants and medical directors.

Also, Legit.ng gathered that United Kingdom and the United States are the top destinations where Nigerian medical doctors seek work opportunities.

Nigeria has about 72,000 medical doctors registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, with only approximately 35,000 practicing in Nigeria.

Below is an Infographic of reasons why they leave:

Reasons Nigerian doctors are trying to leave the country Source: NOIPolls
Reasons Nigerian doctors are trying to leave the country Source: NOIPolls

1. High taxes and salary deductions are one reason, 98% of the respondents gave.

2. 92% of the medical personnel says there is very low work satisfaction in Nigeria.

3. Poor salaries and emoluments are a big problem for 91% of the medical personnel.

4. The knowledge gap in the medical field between Nigeria and these other countries is a source of concern.

5. Poor quality of practice was stated by 8% of Nigerian medical staff as a reason for wanting to leave.

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Other reasons given:

6. Poor relationship among colleagues

7. Inadequate opportunities for career growth

8. Poor working environment

9. Lack of proper infrastructure

10. Poor treatment by government

11. Insecurity.

The survey was conducted between the 1st and the 15th of May, 2017 to provide a snapshot of the prevalence of Nigerian medical doctors who are seeking work opportunities abroad.

In total, 705 doctors completed the online survey the majority of whom were in Nigeria, but some of them reside outside Nigeria.

This shows that a looming brain drain in the country’s health sector if nothing is done urgently to curb this rising trend of emigration of healthcare practitioners.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in Ogun state has revealed some sad news. The chairman of the association in the state, Abayomi Olajide says the state has the highest number of quacks in the country.

He said this on Tuesday, August 1, at the group’s Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference in Abeokuta.

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The theme of the conference was aptly: “Anti-quackery: A seemingly unending battle.’’ Olajide expressed sadness that in spite of the rigorous campaign against quackery, it had flourished in the state.

Watch this Legit.ng video on what Nigerians think of doctors in the country:

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