How to track a phone number in Nigeria?

How to track a phone number in Nigeria?

There may be times when we need to know how to track a cell phone. Usually, we will use a phone tracker to figure out where our phone is if it has been stolen. Or we use it to find our lost phone. Today we will tell you how to track a cell phone and tell you about the top phone trackers! Continue reading to learn more.

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How can I find out the mobile location?

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Let’s establish a couple of things. First, there are different websites that will offer you phone number tracking services. Some of them are reliable, and others are scams. Remember - do not enter your phone number on the sites that you’ve never heard about. Find some reviews about them.

There are a lot of scams these days that are only want to get your phone number in order to send spam messages in the future. You don’t want that, right? Check each website before entering your phone number.

Second, in the days of modern technology, it is advised to use mobile phone tracking via GPS rather than phone number tracking. The reason is that it will track the phone more directly and you will get the right location. It is not 100% precise, but usually, you won’t be further than 5 kilometers, depending on the connection.

GPS searching

The option with GPS is great when you’ve lost your phone, or somebody stole it from you. Usually, it is easy to find your phone if you lost it, but may be challenging to get it back from a robber.

In the second case of the phone number tracking, it will be hard to get the exact location, plus a lot of systems that are offering phone number tracking services are only able to identify the country, the network operator and sometimes the city.

You might need to use the phone tracker by number only when you want to know from whom a suspicious phone call came. And it won’t give you a lot of information - as we told you before. Usually, you will get only the country, perhaps the city and the mobile operator.

In order to track the phone number and get the exact location, you will need apps that use GPS to figure out the location of the phone and also require the phone number in order to use the app. Thus they create a profile that is always attached to the phone number.

This option is perfect for family or friends usage. You will always know where they are, it will be easier to arrange meetings and find each other, and it’s just fun to look what your friend or relative is doing.

How to track a phone number?

How to track a phone number?

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Alright, you have come here because you want to know how to track a phone number in Nigeria! And we will tell you how to do it right now. In order to track a cell phone, you will need several things:

- A phone number;

- Computer or laptop or smartphone;

- Internet.

Have all you need? Let’s get started then! Remember, we told you that there are a lot of websites that offer the service of phone tracking? We have a list of the top Nigeria phone number trackers. Some of them are online, others are apps on Android phones. Choose whatever you prefer.

What phone trackers can I use?

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Note that the list is in no particular order.

Trace Phone Number

This is a free phone tracker by number. A relatively simple website, we should say. The only thing you need to do is to enter the number and click on the “Trace” button.


- It’s completely free;

- There is no registration required;

- You will know the network operator and the location.


- Phone number traces is available only in India;

- The location is far from precise.

There are not a lot of Nigeria phone number trackers websites. Most of them only allow you to track in either in India or US. In the list below you will find an Android app that will help you to establish the number location in Nigeria.

Called ID & Number Locator

Mobile phone tracker

This one is a free app that will help you to track a cell phone. But besides being a phone number tracker, it is also a caller identifier.


- You can block a caller;

- It has a database of about 13000 cities. If your city is in it, you can search a mobile number without an internet connection;

- The program supports 200 countries;

- Besides knowing the location of the caller, you can also see the ID.


- If your phone has the Android version lower than 4.0 (which is doubtful but still), you won’t be able to use the app.

Not all of us use Android phones. Some of us are iPhone users! And there are also apps there that will help you find your phone.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

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Another mobile tracking program which has the same services as the others - it is supposed to track the phone number location.


- You can basically track any phone number globally.

- You can also call and message from the app;


- There might be some issues with the phone locator;

- If you don’t have any active internet connection, then you may have certain problems.

As you can see, there are not a lot of options that you can use to track a phone number in Nigeria. Most of the websites work only in other countries, such as India and the U.S. Also, they don’t offer a lot of specific information. It is still advised to track the mobile phone itself, not by using the phone number. However, we hope that our tips have helped you.

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