West African countries and their capitals

West African countries and their capitals

Whether you have a test in geography, or simply curious about the Western African region, we are here to help you. Learn about the West African countries and their capitals, as well as some basic information on each country. By the end of this article, you might even memorise the countries' flags!

West African countries and their capitals

Countries in West Africa

West Africa

Being the second largest continent in the world, Africa consists of many countries. Each of the African countries is unique and has its own culture, traditions and sometimes even language. The western region of Africa is no different. It is large, diverse and beautiful. The main official languages here are English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.

You might be wondering:

But how many countries are there in the West Africa? Well, there are two (and a half) answers to this question. On one hand, if you are looking from a purely geographical standpoint, then there are 19 countries that belong to the western region of the African continent. Encyclopædia Britannica seems to think so, at least.

However, there are also islands that are technically a part of Western African region (São Tomé and Príncipe and Saint Helena). This means that there are 21 countries in the region.

On the other hand, if you consider West Africa from purely economic and political standpoints, then it comprises of 16 countries (and 2 islands). That way, three countries (namely Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Chad) that are geographically located in West Africa belong to the Central African economic region.

Continue reading to see a full list and learn more about these African countries and their capitals.

List of West African countries and their capitals

West African countries

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Below, you can find a comprehensive list of West African countries and their capitals, as well as basic information about each country. We decided to go with the geographical location and not with economic and political designation. For that reason, we included the Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Chad and Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as well as the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, and the Saint Helena island.

Without further ado, here is the list of the countries and their capitals.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

★Capital: Ouagadougou

★Official language: French

★Area: 274,200 square kilometres

★Population: 17,322,796 Burkinabe (2014 estimate)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe

Sao Tome and Principe

★Capital: São Tomé

★Official language: Portuguese

★Area: 964 square kilometres

★Population: 192,993 Santomeans (2013 census)

★Currency: Dobra

Federal Republic of Nigeria


★Capital: Abuja

★Official language: English

★Area: 923,768 square kilometres

★Population: 188,462,640 Nigerians (2015 estimate)

★Currency: Naira

Islamic Republic of Mauritania


★Capital: Nouakchott

★Official language: Arabic

★Area: 1,030,000 square kilometres

★Population: 3,537,368 Mauritanians (2013 census)

★Currency: Ouguiya

Republic of Benin


★Capital: Porto-Novo

★Official language: French

★Area: 114,763 square kilometres

★Population: 10,878,829 Beninese (2015 estimate)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Republic of Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

★Capital: Praia

★Official language: Portuguese

★Area: 4,033 square kilometres

★Population: 525,000 Cabo Verdeans (2015 estimate)

★Currency: Cape Verdean escudo

Republic of Cameroon


★Capital: Yaoundé

★Official language: French and English

★Area: 475,442 square kilometres

★Population: 22,534,532 Cameroonians (2013 estimate)

★Currency: Central African CFA franc

Republic of Chad

Republic of Chad

★Capital: N'Djamena

★Official language: French and Arabic

★Area: 1,284,000 square kilometres

★Population: 13,670,084 Chadians (2015 estimate)

★Currency: Central African CFA franc

Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast

★Capital: Yamoussoukro (political) and Abidjan (economic)

★Official language: French

★Area: 322,463 square kilometres

★Population: 26,578,367 Ivoirians (2015 census)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

★Capital: Malabo

★Official language: Spanish

★Area: 28,050 square kilometres

★Population: 1,222,442 Equatoguineans (2015 census)

★Currency: Central African CFA franc

Republic of Ghana


★Capital: Accra

★Official language: English

★Area: 238,535 square kilometres

★Population: 27,043,093 Ghanaians (2014 estimate)

★Currency: Ghana cedi

Republic of Guinea


★Capital: Conakry

★Official language: French

★Area: 245,836 square kilometres

★Population: 11,628,972 Guineans (2014 census)

★Currency: Guinean franc

Republic of Guinea-Bissau


★Capital: Bissau

★Official language: Portuguese

★Area: 36,125 square kilometres

★Population: 1,693,398 Bissau-Guineans (2014 estimate)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Republic of Liberia


★Capital: Monrovia

★Official language: English

★Area: 111,369 square kilometres

★Population: 4,503,000 Liberians (2015 estimate)

★Currency: Liberian dollar

Republic of Mali

Republic of Mali

★Capital: Bamako

★Official language: French

★Area: 1,240,192 square kilometres

★Population: 14,517,176 Malians (2009 census)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Republic of Senegal


★Capital: Dakar

★Official language: French

★Area: 196,712 square kilometres

★Population: 14,320,055 Senegalese (2016 census)

★Currency: CFA franc

Republic of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

★Capital: Freetown

★Official language: English

★Area: 71,840 square kilometres

★Population: 7,075,641 Sierra Leoneans (2015 census)

★Currency: Leone

Republic of the Gambia

The Gambia

★Capital: Banjul

★Official language: English

★Area: 10,689 square kilometres

★Population: 1,882,450 Gambians (2013 census)

★Currency: Dalasi

Republic of the Niger


★Capital: Niamey

★Official language: French

★Area: 1,267,000 square kilometres

★Population: 18,638,600 Nigeriens (2016 estimate)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

Saint Helena

Saint Helena

★Capital: Jamestown

★Official language: English

★Area: 121 square kilometres

★Population: 4,534 Saint Helenians (2016 census)

★Currency: Saint Helena pound

Togolese Republic

Togolese Republic

★Capital: Lomé

★Official language: French

★Area: 56,785 square kilometres

★Population: 7,552,318 Togolese (2015 estimate)

★Currency: West African CFA franc

We hope that this list was useful to you and that you found the information you'd been looking for. We tried to provide all the basic information you might want to know about the West African countries. Let us know what else you would like to know about the region of West Africa.

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