How to use simple server on Android phone?

How to use simple server on Android phone?

Many of you probably had the luxury to enjoy free Internet through the Simple Android Server hack a few years back. However, since then, many mobile carriers have noticed the loophole and closed it for good. But today the lovers of free Internet can rejoice once again! Prepare to learn about the great successor to Android Simple Server — Tweakware VPN. We will tell you how to use it, so you will be able to browse free in no time.

How to use simple server on Android phone?

These days, most of Nigerian mobile carriers have provided their customers with affordable data plans. But you and I both know that you can never have enough Internet. We seem to run out of megabytes at the most unfortunate moments. Luckily, with this cheat, you will not have to worry about it anymore! Continue reading to find out more about the newest Simple Server replacement and how to use it.

Simple server for Android

simple server on Android

Tweakware VPN is just like the Simple Server you know and love, only better and more functional. It lets you hide your IP address, access prohibited or restricted websites, choose from several server locations and have unlimited data on any of them. You can have free data through the built-in proxy functions (injection query, reverse proxy and custom headers)

Why should you use Tweakware?

Well, that is easy. It gives you free Internet! Unlike some other VPN and server apps, you will not suffer from the speed plummeting while using Tweakware. You also do not need to have any money on your account to enjoy free internet. This hack definitely works for Glo, MTN and Etisalat, as many people have already tried it and loved it.

server on Android

This app is great because you do not have to spend hours configuring it. There are only a few things you will need to modify to get your free data. You also do not need to root your phone for Tweakware to work. You can try out the PC version, but it only offers a free demo, and you will have to pay for the full Tweakware experience.

The only downside of this app is that you only get 100 MB a day on the free servers. However, you can upgrade to premium and get the unlimited access to the Internet.

There is no Simple Android Server latest version, as it no longer exists. It was also a rogue app and it was possibly harmful for your phone. However, you can find the latest version of Tweakware in the Google Play Store. It is free and legit.

Are you sold yet?

If yes, then get ready to browse the Internet for free with the help of Tweakware VPN. The instructions below work for the Etisalat Social Data pack owners, Glo ₦0.0 and Etisalat ₦0.0. If you have a different tariff or mobile carrier, the instructions might not work for you.

There was also a tweak for MTN ₦0.0, but the option is currently not available. If it returns, you can consult one of the following tutorials, as the steps are not all that different.

How to use simple server on Android

Android phone

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Before you even download the Tweakware app, you need to check one thing first, and it is your Access Point Name or APN. For the cheat to work, you might want to stick to your default APN settings.

If you want to check them, go to your Settings and choose Mobile networks. There, you will see the Access Point Names category. If you have multiple SIM cards, you have to tap on the SIM card that you use for Internet access.

If you are an Etisalat client, your APN should say etisalat. For Glo users, your APN should be gloflat. If you are a MTN client, yours should say If everything is the way it is supposed to be, proceed to the next step.

The second part is different, depending on your mobile carrier and tariff plan. One thing is common, though. The access to premium servers costs ₦500 and gives you unlimited free data (free servers only give you 100 MB per day) regardless of your tariff plan and mobile carrier.

Tweakware for Etisalat Social data pack

etisalat social

If you have Social data pack from Etisalat, follow these steps:

1. Download the Tweakware app from the Google Play Store.

2. Recharge your Etisalat account with ₦300 to get the Social data pack. You need to dial *343*6*8# to subscribe.

3. Open the Tweakware app, go to Settings > Bundled Settings. There, check the Use Bundled Setting box and select (Etisalat NG) Social Me 1 from the list to get the social media subscription.

4. Turn on the mobile data on your phone, go to Tweakware homepage, choose one of the free servers option and tap ‘Connect’. After a few moments, the screen should say connected, if all went well.

5. You are done! You can close the app and let it run in the background. You now have your free megabytes!

Tweakware for Glo ₦0.0

glo logo

1. Download the app. This option does not require any form of subscription, so you do not have to recharge your account.

2. Open the Tweakware app, go to Settings > Bundled Settings. There, check the Use Bundled Setting box and select Glo 0.0k among other bundles.

3. Turn on the mobile data, choose the one of the free servers on the Tweakware homepage and tap Connect. If all is OK, you will see ‘Connected’ on your screen.

4. You can close the app to let it run in the background. Open your browser and surf away!

Tweakware for Etisalat ₦0.0


1. Download and install the app. This option does not require any form of subscription, so you do not have to recharge your account.

2. Open the Tweakware app, go to Settings > Bundled Settings. There, check the Use Bundled Setting box and select Etisalat 0.0k from the drop-down list.

3. Turn on your mobile data and choose one of the free servers on the app’s home page. If all went well, you will be greeted with the ‘Connected’ sign.

4. You can now close the app (let it run in the background, though) and use your free megabytes!

Tweakware troubleshooting


Even though Tweakware is very easy to use, and most of the time it works perfectly fine, you might run into few problems.

First thing you might struggle with is connecting to Tweakware servers upon the first launch of the app. You might see the continuous authenticating without the eventual connecting. It might be so because you need to update the list of Tweakware servers. For that, you just need to turn the Internet on, go to the app and hold down the server list to update it.

Alternatively, you can try to change the proxy settings. Go to Settings > Network settings > Change Proxy Host (IP) and Port.

tweakware interface

If you are experiencing slow speeds, go to the same Network settings as before, but this time choose Connection Settings. There, check the box that says KeepAlive. In the fields KeepAlive Interval and KeepAlive Timeout both values should be 5.


The developers of the app update it regularly. However, each new update comes with the change of the interface. Our directions on how to set up your Tweakware might be obsolete by the time of the new update.

Now you know how to use the Android simple server aka Tweakware. We hope that this tweak works for you and that you are able to enjoy your free Internet! Be aware that these cheats do not live long, and mobile carriers disable them sooner or later. So grab your free megabytes while you can!

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