How to make spiral bead necklace?

How to make spiral bead necklace?

Accessories are important for every well-thought-out outfit. But store-bought jewellery might be too much for your wallet to handle. Which is why we decided to share with you our spiral bead necklace tutorial. With our simple step-by-step guide on how to make a spiral bead necklace you will have a cute accessory in no time! Here, you can also find the latest spiral bead necklace designs, so do not miss out!

spiral bead necklace

This tutorial will be great for people that are just starting out with making bead jewellery. The very short list of materials and very few steps will not scare you out of making your own necklace! For this spiral bead necklace, you can use different types of bead designs. Use whichever ones you like best!

If you change the length of this spiral bead necklace, you can make yourself a bracelet to match. Or, if you are an advanced DIY person, you can actually use this pattern to adorn a beaded purse. But we are getting carried away, let’s get to the necklace making!

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Materials needed to make a spiral bead necklace

spiral bead necklace materials

As this is a very simple and basic tutorial, all you need is:

★ your regular DIY instruments (scissors, pliers, etc.)

★ 2 types (colours) of size 11/0 seed beads;

★ a beading thread;

★ a needle;

★ two clasps of your choice;

★ cone findings or crimp beads (optional);

★ thread conditioner (optional).



Choose the colours and designs of the beads to your liking. Try to choose colours that match. Use a moderately flexible needle, like, for example, tulip. If it is too hard, it will be difficult to work with; if it is too bendy, it will lose its shape fast. Stock up on thread, so you do not run out in the middle of working on your necklace. Thread conditioner is recommended, as it will prevent your thread from tangling in the process.

How to make spiral bead necklace

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How to make spiral bead necklace?

Step 1. Determine which colours you want to use in your necklace. Pick which beads are going to be the core and which would be the spiral beads.

Step 2. Slide four core and three spiral beads down the thread. Leave about 15 cm tail. Drive the needle through the first four beads and pull on the thread. Press the core and spiral beads together and move them to the left (if you are right-handed) or to the right (if you are left-handed). That was your first stitch.


Step 3. For the next stitch, add one core and three spiral beads. Drive the needle back through the last four core beads (leave the first core bead out).

Step 4. Tighten the thread for the next loop. Push the beads to your preferred side. Continue adding one core and three spiral beads and stitching through four latest core beads. Do not forget to push the finished stitch to the side before starting a new one.

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Step 5. Continue adding beads and stitches until you get the length of the necklace that you want. The more stitches you add, the more visible the spiral will be.


Step 6. To finish up your necklace, attach the clasps to each end of the spiral bead necklace. You can also add cone findings before you attach the clasps to hide the possible unevenness of the edges. Alternatively, you can use crimp beads (crimp tubes and crimp covers) to attach your clasps. However, it is completely up to you.

And you are done! Easy, wasn’t it? You just need to be patient, have steady hands and be prepared to fail at some point. Otherwise, this relaxing activity will be much more stressful than it has to be.

Do not go away just yet!

We also have other spiral necklace designs you should definitely check out and maybe even try making! Continue reading to learn more.

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Latest bead necklace designs

spiral bead necklaces

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There are so many bead designs for necklaces out there. You can definitely find one that is right for you. In addition to the simple spiral necklace design we told you about, we have prepared the most popular bead necklace designs of 2017. These designs will never go out of style!

double spiral bead necklace

☆ Double spiral. Double spiral bead necklace is a modified version of the regular spiral one. Each complete stitch contains two bead sections. If you use different colours for these sections, you will be able to see them beautifully wrap around each other.

triple spiral bead necklace

☆ Triple spiral. This is another step-up of the original spiral bead necklace pattern. Instead of one or two bead sections, there are three separate sections. This necklace will be much thicker than the previous two, so it will definitely be a central point of your outfit.

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Dutch spiral bead necklace

☆ Dutch spiral. A different take on spiral bead necklaces, Dutch spiral is a version of peyote stitch, which usually involves creating three bead sections. Unlike the previous designs, which are more tubular, this spiral is more voluminous.

Russian spiral bead necklace

☆ Russian spiral. This type of spiral bead design does not get nearly as much recognition as it deserves. Being as simple as a regular spiral bead necklace, this one is a compact and elegant version of tubular netting. It involves using two (or more) different-sized beads, and the end result is simply stunning.

Cellini spiral bead necklace

☆ Cellini spiral. Somewhat similar to the Dutch spiral, this one is very voluminous. It looks like a large spiral wrapped around a smaller spiral. Even though it looks quite different from the other types we have mentioned before, it is still fairly easy to master. So do not be fooled by the complicated exterior.

You can find more tutorials and spiral beads necklace design patterns at the following websites:




These are not the only websites for patterns and tutorials, but they are the most convenient, in or opinion. Alternatively, you can check out various step-by step tutorials on YouTube. All of the aforementioned resources are free. However, you can also purchase PDF patterns and tutorials at (search for SimpleBeadPatterns).

We hope you have enjoyed our tutorial on how to make beads necklace, as well as our spiral bead necklace designs. Now all you need is materials, time and patience. After you are done, you will be able to stun everyone with your skills. And, most importantly, you will have a beautiful piece of jewellery that goes with almost anything. Happy crafting!

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