Role of human resource management in building employee innovation capacity in Nigeria

Role of human resource management in building employee innovation capacity in Nigeria

As a business owner in Nigeria, you are always looking for better ways to empower you employees, how to make them work better, how to give them the best working environment so they can perform efficiently for the benefit of your business.

This is why every serious organization in Nigeria has the human resources department, to do what is necessary for all employees, every employee needs a guiding hand, and the human resources department is that guiding hand.

The human resources department is in charge of hiring, motivating, training and organising employees.

How does the human resource management help innovate employees? In short, by education, training, empowerment and rewards.

Innovation of an employee is often associated with the introduction of new ideas and strategies for business.

The employees are the most important assets to any business, therefore by creating aт environment that welcomes new ideas, engagement, skills acquisition and experience, the company will motivate their employees to be more productive, competitive and knowledgeable.

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- Hiring and internal communication

1. Hire people with different ideas and opinions

Look for employees who have different ideas but have the same vision with your business, do not hire people with the same mindset. If people with the same mindset work together, there would be no room for improvement and no way to learn from each other. People with different ideas have the ability to lay down different solutions to solve a problem.

2. Opportunities to learn from one another

Create a working environment where employees can swap responsibilities. Bring teams with the different responsibilities together to brainstorm on improvements in other areas of the business. If one employee is down another from a different team should be able to handle the employee’s job while he/she is absent.

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3. Promote employee interaction

Have a team building exercise that would promote innovative ideas. It should be a time when employees can interact and learn from each other to build trust.

- Empowerment

1. Encourage innovation

Have a process in which every employee understands that my ideas would be well received to encourage more innovative ideas, suggestions and recommendations. Always support employee ideas with acknowledgement and feedback.

2. Performance check

Every employee should be checked regularly, it is the human resources management's job to understand why an employee is not performing well and find out what they need to boost performance. It could be a change in responsibilities or encouragement to perform better.

- Training

1. Implementation

Employees will be motivated to work properly if new ideas and strategies are well implemented through training exercises. Employees should be encouraged to work towards the success of new ideas not forced into making it successful. When employees see that ideas implemented are working perfectly they would be encouraged to keep doing it.

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2. Offer education

Offer training programmes that would generate new and innovative ideas. This would ensure that employees gain new experience and the business would benefit from it.

- Reward

Nigerians like to be appreciated for the work they do, once in a while reward your employees for efforts made, rewards can be given individually or to teams.

It could be by words of encouragement or other, material, ways that suggest that their efforts are appreciated.

To sum up, let's list some benefits of employee innovation

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Staff retention and improvement: Nigerians like to work in challenging and innovative environments.
  • Business improvement: The corporate world in Nigeria constantly changes and with new ideas your business changes and improves to match new developments
  • Customer retention and growth
  • Employee competitiveness: Competition breads efficiency and quality service while reducing cost.

The ideas above work well for private companies. However, it is not that easy for public servants. In an exclusive TV video below you can see how local government employees in Lagos staged a massive protest recently:

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