How to make liquid air freshener at home?

How to make liquid air freshener at home?

We don’t know about you, but for us, smell is very important. If someone smells bad, even if he is a good and smart person, it is hard to concentrate on anything but the unpleasant body odour. Same with houses: you do not want to return to a home that stinks. Which is why we want to share some tips with you on how to make liquid air freshener at home. Follow our easy instructions, and your house will smell amazing in no time!

How to make liquid air freshener at home?

Every home has its own special smell. However, not all homes smell nice and fresh. Not everyone can afford expensive store-bought air fresheners. Cheap air fresheners often do not do their job and smell terrible. So how should you deal with bad smells in your house?

The answer is simple:

Make your own air freshener! There are so many ways you can improve the aroma of your home. Most of them are natural and rather inexpensive, too. We will tell you how to make liquid air freshener, as well as divulge other secrets of how to make your house smell amazing.

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Materials for making liquid air freshener

liquid air freshener materials

To make your own liquid air freshener, you will need:

★ several bowls (or other containers);

★ a stirring stick (what you will stir your air freshener with);

★ a measuring cup;

★ 1 measurement of perfume;

★ 1/10 measurement of catalyst;

★ 10 measurements of deionized warm water;

★ food colouring (or any other non-toxic dye, optional);

★ a little bit of menthol (optional);

★ a spray bottle (for further use);

★ a funnel (if you do not trust the steadiness of your hands).

air freshener mint

A quick note on the ingredients. As you might have noticed, we have given you the amounts in measurements. How does it work? For example, if you decide to use 1 litre of water (which is 1000 ml). Therefore, you need to use 100 ml of perfume and 10 ml of your catalyst.

The dye is completely optional, you can add it to make your air freshener look prettier. Menthol will give it a crispy fresh kick. However, not everyone likes the smell of menthol, so decide for yourself, whether you want to use it or not.

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And now to the air freshener making part!

How to make liquid air freshener in Nigeria

How to make liquid air freshener

Despite the rather frightening amount of ingredients, the process is very easy. You do not need any special equipment or anything like that. However, you will be working with chemicals, so be very careful.

Step 1. Measure your ingredients. Pour the catalyst and the perfume into one of your containers, close the lid tightly and give it a solid shake.

Step 2. After half a minute of intensive shaking, take the lid off and pour the contents into another container/bowl.

Step 3. Pour your deionized water into the same container. If you've decided to use menthol and/or colouring, add them now. After you have placed all of the ingredients into the bowl, give the mixture a stir. Continue stirring until the substances are mixed together well.

Step 4. Move the contents of the bowl into a spray bottle by using the funnel or just by carefully pouring the liquid from the bowl to the bottle. That’s it! Your air freshener is ready to be used.

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But wait!

We have another recipe of a homemade air freshener just for you! Continue reading to find out how to utilize your favourite fabric softener.

How to make air freshener with liquid fabric softener

How to make liquid air freshener fabric softener

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Fabric softeners always smell so good you want to smell them forever. Turns out, with this recipe, you can! To make this homemade air freshener, you will need:

★ a spray bottle;

★ 4 tbsp. of fabric softener;

★ 1 tbsp. of baking soda;

★ 3 cups of hot water;

★ a funnel (once again, optional).

This option is even easier than the other one. There is only one step: combine all of the ingredients, pour the mix into the spray bottle, give it a firm shake and voila! Your air freshener is ready to make your house smell amazing. Make sure that you shake the bottle every time before use.

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Other ways to make a homemade air freshener

other options

Apart from the two recipes we have talked about before, there are also other liquid (or semi-liquid) homemade air freshener options you can go for.

Check it up yourself!

A calming spray. This type of liquid air freshener is great if you have kids that are hard to put to sleep. Apart from giving away a beautiful aroma, they calm the nerves and help kids settle down.

calming spray

To make it, take one measurement of any essential oil of your liking, mix it with ten measurements of water and pour it in a spray bottle. That is it! Flower scents, like lavender, rosemary or chamomile are the best choices for this. However, you can mix and decide for yourself. Do not forget to shake the bottle every time before using it.

Air freshener gel. Store-bought air fresheners in gel forms are great, but also a bit on the expensive side. To save some cash, you can actually make them yourself! You will need a cup of water, 20 drops of your favourite essential oil, two bags of gelatine and a tablespoon of salt.

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gel air freshener

Dissolve the salt and gelatine in warm water and add the oil. Pour the gel in a small mason jar, and you are done! This type of air freshener will last for a very long time.

Homemade refill for a plug-in. If you have the plug-in air freshener but you are in need of refill, make your own. Take the wick out, pour some water mixed with essential oils and put the wick back in. Money — saved, home — improved.

plug-in air freshener

Liquid for a potpourri pot. If you have a potpourri pot, consider simmering some rosemary, several lemon slices and a teaspoon of vanilla. If you have enough water in it, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful smell emanating from it for hours.

potpourri pot

If all else fails, there is a tried and true method of getting rid of unwanted smells.

Wait for it…

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It is vinegar! Yes, you have read it correctly. The thing that itself has a weird odour works great for removing the stinky smell from your house. Just pour some vinegar into a small bowl and leave it somewhere in the room. In no time, you will be able to smell the results. It is especially good for removing the scent of tobacco smoke and wet dog fur.

No matter how bad your house might smell, these recipes for homemade air fresheners will definitely make a difference. Obviously, you should clean your house regularly and open the windows every once in a while. But if the bad odour is still there, try one of our methods. We guarantee that you will not regret it!

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