How to make a wig look natural?

How to make a wig look natural?

If you are a wig wearer, you know that not all wigs are created equal. It is great if you are able to afford good full lace wigs, human hair wigs or at least lace front wigs. However, not everyone is that fortunate, and they have to do with what they have. Which is why we decided to help those in need and share some tried and true tips on how to make a wig at home look natural. Also, stick around for some tips on how to wear a wig so that no one knows it is a wig!

How to make a wig look natural?

How to wear a wig and make it look natural?

how to make wigs look natural

Most cheap synthetic wigs always look very fake when they are right out of the bag. They are all shiny, unrealistic and weirdly ‘chemical’ to the touch. Sometimes, it seems highly improbable that it will ever look good. Nevertheless, here are ten awesome tips on how to make wig look more natural and believable.

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1. Before you even buy a wig, make sure you are shopping at a store that specializes in wigs. Party stores will definitely not have lace fronts or good quality wigs. Be prepared to splurge hard on it. If there is not much choice in the area that you live in, Internet is your friend. There are plenty of good wig stores out there that cater to all kinds of people. But if you really do not want to spend a fortune on a wig, proceed to the next step.

2. Ok, so you bought a medium to low quality wig. What do you do with that?

The answer is simple:

Cutting it. Grab your scissors and go to town on that unsuspecting wig! Cut a fringe on it, stylize the hair the way you want to accentuate your best features and to hind your insecurities (if you have any). YouTube is a great help in this, as there are tons of videos that tell you how to cut your wigs properly.

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colourful wigs

3. To dye or not to dye — that is the question you do not have to ask yourself. The answer is a resounding yes! Unfortunately, the process is usually trial and error, so it is best to start with a single strand to check if the dye holds. Once again, if all else fails, turn to YouTube.

4. Most cheap wigs do not follow the way natural hair grows. This means that there is no natural part in the hair, or the hair might seem to be growing out of your ears. Therefore, you need to take a pair of tweezers and pluck out all the hairs that do not belong. Make a proper part, take out the unnecessary hairs, see what works best for your wig.


5. Synthetic wigs (and even some human hair ones, too) always look too shiny to be real. To deal with that, spray your wig with some dry shampoo or any kind of hair powder you can get your hands on. Baby powder also works. Just be sure you do not make it look too dusty.

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6. Wigs tangle like crazy. However, you cannot treat them like real hair. To remove the tangles without completely destroying your wig, use a wide-toothed hairbrush dipped in water.

7. Styling is a very good way of how to make a wig look better.

But there is a catch:

Be aware that you cannot use hot hair tools on synthetic wigs. Instead, use a steamer to deal with your wig. While styling, it will act as a blow dryer. You can also use all sorts of other tools that do not require intense heat (like curlers).

make a wig look natural

8. Add a little volume to your wig with some hair product. For human hair wigs, use thickening spray, a flexible spray and finish up with the setting spray. For synthetic wigs, do the same, but without the thickening spray.

9. If your wig has a visible part or even lace, make sure you cover it with some foundation that matches your skin tone. It is a great way of how to make wigs look more natural.

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10. After doing all this to your wig, it is also important to store it properly. Do not sleep in it, store it in a dry, cool and dark environment, preferably on a wig stand. If you do not have one of those, a Ziploc bag will do. Just be sure to brush it out and gently put it inside the bag so you do not negate all the work that has been made.

And that is it! These ten tips should help make your wig look more natural! Now it is time for tips on how to properly wear a wig.

How to wear wigs properly?

how to wear a wig

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This option suits best for people that have some hair under their wigs. If you are bald and proud, scroll a little bit lower. For this way of wearing a wig, you will need a wig (obviously), a wig cap, double-sided adhesive tape or glue and some alcohol (for removing the excess oils, not for drinking).

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Ok, here goes.

Step 1. Clip the hair of the wig away from the edges. This will prevent it from getting in the way or getting messed up with wig glue. If you are a lucky owner of a lace front wig, trim the lace as close as you can to the hairline. Leave just a little bit, so it is easier to glue the wig down.

with tape

Step 2. Lay your natural hair close to the scalp or put it into braids. It is highly recommended to use a wig cap, as it protects your hair and helps to keep the wig away from natural oils of your scalp. Also, get your hands on some scalp protector, too.

Step 3. Dab some alcohol on a cotton pad and remove the excess oils from your forehead. You need to do this in order to stick your wig to your head. Put on your wig cap and tuck all the hair under it. You can use glue to keep it in place, but it is not mandatory.

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Step 4. If you are using glue, put a thin layer of it along your hairline with a Q-tip. Let it sit for a bit until the glue is tacky, if it is a soft bond adhesive. If not, you can put your wig on right away. If you are using adhesive tape, cut it into small strips and cover your hairline with them.

with glue

Step 5. Whether you are working with glue or adhesive tape, start attaching your wig from the front middle and work your way to the edges. Remove excess glue with alcohol if needed. Make sure you have attached the wig properly everywhere. Try whipping your hair around once it is secure to check if it is really there to stay.

Step 6. If your wig is not styled, now is the time to do it. Make sure your wig is properly attached and use the tools suitable for your type of wig. And you are done! Go out and slay!

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How to wear a wig if you are bald?

bald and bold

What is different in this method is that you do not need a wig cap and you can attach the wig straight to your scalp. For this method, you will need a liquid adhesive, some soap and water, a scalp protector, a small adhesive brush and a blow dryer.

Step 1. Wash your scalp using the water and soap thoroughly. You need it to be clean and oil-free so that the adhesive could stick. Apply scalp protector, which is good for both protecting your scalp and preventing the natural oils from developing. Wait for it to dry (about 15 minutes).

Step 2. Now that your scalp is ready, apply the liquid adhesive with a small brush or a Q-tip in places where you are going to attach your wig. Do not use too much, as it is very strong. Blow dry it for half a minute so it becomes tacky, but do not dry it out completely!

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Step 3. Stick the front part of your wig to your scalp covered in adhesive; use both hands. Keep applying the pressure for about a minute or two until the wig is secure. Do the same to the back part. Make sure your ears not trapped inside the wig before you do this, though. And that is all.

Now that you know what to do with your wigs, go outside and wear them proudly on your head. Natural hair is overrated anyway.

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