How to make Yamarita fries?

How to make Yamarita fries?

Yamarita fries is a delicious Nigerian recipe. You may also know it as Dun Dun Oniyeri. It`s simply thinly sliced Yam fried with eggs and flour. The difference between Yamarita and the commonly fried yams is the eggs mixed with flour! Take a look at your favorite Yamarita recipe.

How to make Yamarita fries?

Yamarita Fries Recipe

tasty Yamarita fries

Yamarita is a well-known snack in Nigeria. Also, it`s very easy to prepare! For today's special, we will be preparing the best Yamarita sauce! Let`s start with Yamarita!

Ingredients for Yamarita

Ingredients for Yamarita

- Salt to taste;

- Ground Pepper to taste;

- Vegetable Oil;

- Seasoning/stock cube;

- Plain Flour (3 tablespoons);

- Two eggs;

- One small Yam Tuber.

Nigerian Yamarita Cooking Directions

Nigerian Yamarita Cooking Directions

- Wash and peel off the Yams;

- Cut the Yams into thin rectangular slices;

- Rinse the Yam and place it into the pot;

- Cover the Yam with water;

- Add salt to taste;

- Parboil the Yam for 10 minutes;

- Sieve the Yam and put aside to cool down a little bit;

Do not forget that the yams for the Yamarita Nigeria meal should be firm! It shouldn`t be too soft. You can check the firmness of the yams from time to time using a fork. The fork shouldn`t pass easily through the yam slices!

- Break the eggs, crush seasoning cubes, add the ground pepper and salt to taste. Whisk the mixture and set it aside;

- Pour the flour into a small bowl.

Yamarita fries

You can also add seasoning cubes to the flour.

- Take the Yam slices and put them into the egg mix and the flour. You should coat over every Yam slice. When the yam slices are well-coated – put them into a flat dish!

You can dip the yam slices into the flour and egg in any sequence. All methods of frying will work well.

- Heat up a pan with vegetable oil;

- Fry the coated yams on medium heat;

- Fry them until they become golden-brown;

- And that`s how to make Yamarita!

Do not forget that Yamarita food tastes better with Yamarita sauce! Let`s take a look how to make Yamarita sauce.

Yamarita Sauce Recipe

Yamarita Sauce Recipe

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It`s also called the Nigerian Pepper Sauce! It`s tasty spicy and easy to make!

Yamarita Sauce Ingredients

Yamarita Sauce Ingredients

- Salt to taste;

- One stock cube;

- Vegetable/Palm Oil;

- One Onion Bulb;

- One Tomato;

- Ground Crayfish;

- Three Scotch bonnet peppers.

Nigerian Yamarita Sauce Cooking Directions

Nigerian Yamarita Sauce Cooking Directions

- Chop the onion into small pieces and set aside;

- Chop the tomatoes and peppers together. After that, blend them together;

- Heat up a pan with some oil! Add the onions and stir them!

- Add some ground crayfish and stir them while they fry;

- Add the pepper mix in the pan and cook for ten more minutes;

- Add salt to taste and the stock tubes;

- Mix everything up for one minute! That`s all, your sauce for Yamarita fries is ready!

The second option for the Yamarita sauce is the cold cooking. You just need to blend peppers and onions. Add the red palm, ground crayfish and salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients together and voila! Your Yamarita Sauce is ready!

Yamarita Recipe

Yamarita Recipe

Do something bold and prepare Yamarita Nigeria! It`s your way to surprise people at a party or anywhere else. Yamarita is a perfect snack for any event! Do not forget that Yamarita Fries go best with Yamarita Sauce!

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