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Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles 2017-2018

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles 2017-2018

In the ever evolving world of fashion, new styles, combinations, and patterns have been created to meet the demands of people across the world. Since the year has started, two pieces of fabrics, in particular: velvet and lace has been casting waves on the fashion industries’ stage. To learn more about how these pieces made their way into the homes of many Nigerian women and about latest lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles 2017-2018 continue reading this article.

Lace and velvet aso ebi styles 2017

Aso Ebi Styles

For those who aren’t exactly sure, the Aso Ebi is an attire exclusive to the Nigerian culture. It usually adds excitement when worn to weddings by a group of females of the same family, friends or well-wishers. This style is not just limited to weddings though, it can also be worn to funerals and other ceremonies or gatherings like birthdays, naming ceremony and so on.

Aso Ebi Styles

Since the year began, lace and velvet have been trending worldwide in the fashion industry. It wasn’t long after that it captured the eyes and won the hearts of our women. Now it is a closet essential.

To some, these two pieces of fabric may sound unusual for the Aso Ebi styles, but when properly designed and sewn together, individually or combined (take a look at the photo above), the end product is outstanding. These two pieces, in particular, create a character, add class and luxury. Any woman who wears this can be mistaken for Nigeria’s Queen and will be the talk of the town.

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles - black and gold

Velvet and lace styles

Lace is one of the longest running pieces of fabric, coherent with modesty and a classy feminine touch. This was once usually worn by royalty, most famous celebrities, and ladies at the top society. Among the family of lace, the "corded lace" is the most popular for our garment.

Velvet is a smooth piece of fabric that has always managed to find its way back onto the fashion scene after disappearing for some time. When worn, it screams the words fierce and powerful, though sometimes it gives a sense of mystery. At the end of the day, it all depends on how it is designed and worn, this kind of fabric can even whisper elegance.

Sewing these kinds of fabrics is quite tricky and if you aren’t careful they can be an easy miss instead of a hit. However, the result is worth the efforts.

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles 2017 - wrapper

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Below, are beautiful pieces of lace and velvet aso ebi styles that will inspire you and hopefully spark your creativity. These ladies are the epitome of stylish and fashion forward. Thank God for great designers and inspirations. Deep blue velvet combined with white and gold look just gorgeous.

velvet aso ebi styles 2017

Bridesmaids in velvet aso ebi

These kinds of Nigerian styles can be designed as either one full dress or as a two-pieces gown. If worn as a two-pieces variant at a formal event, it is usually designed into a blouse paired with a skirt or wrapper. It also can be worn with a pair of pants for a less formal look. Though it can be worn plainly, no Aso Ebi is complete without some good old pairing! Items like the aso oke, the George fabric and/or the famous gele always give a great sense of taste.

If you think that velvet fabric can be used only for bottom part of the gown, just have a look at the photos below where velvet is used for the upper part and lace vice versa.

Lace and velvet styles 2017

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles

Of course, it is worth to be mentioning that velvet wrappers in combination with lace blouses always look stylish and so traditional.

Lace and velvet wrapper

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi wrapper

Close examination of the photos above shows how much detail and effort is put into each attire. Each outfit is paired perfectly and appropriately for the events they will attend. These ladies are all wonderfully dressed. If they were in another environment, their outfits would set them apart because it is a cultural wear that would make them easily recognizable as Nigerians.

Some designers create exclusive Aso Ebi dresses of ultra modern and creative designs and amazing combinations of the materials. Just have a look.

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi modern styles 2017

Now that you've seen the latest Aso Ebi fashion trends along with photos, I am sure you are beaming with ideas. Thanks to this article, you'll be set and up to date to make your next appearance. Go ahead and share some of your photos in the comment section below, we would love to see them!

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