Most beautiful state in Nigeria 2017

Most beautiful state in Nigeria 2017

Usually, people all over the world think that Nigeria is a chaotic country due to be what seems to be a non-stop hustle and bustle. Still, it drives to match both hassle and speed with peace and calmness. So, what is the most beautiful state of Nigeria? Let's find this out together.

Most beautiful state in Nigeria 2017

Beautiful states in Nigeria

Many of these amazing views and charming places will certainly leave you awed. Breathtaking cities and towns with thrilling attractions, rich cultural heritage, and charming scenery welcome both international and natives guests to enjoy a tranquil feeling and the impressive spirit of this country.

Actually, every single one of the Nigerian states is very unique, and together they reflect the success and beauty of the nation. No doubt, each city has something to offer. Some Nigerian states are generally loved for its open-heartedness and hospitality. Others for economic merits and business, but the overwhelming majority is adored for diverse entertainment, fun, and vacation spot opportunities they offer.

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Most beautiful state in Nigeria

In general, all the 36 states of Nigeria are very beautiful and gorgeous, but still, let’s point out all the criteria that helped us to choose the finest state in Nigeria.

So, the first point is the appearance of the state. Mighty landscapes, with traditional and exotic plants, flowers and trees, on the one hand, and modern, stylish buildings on the other are the wondrous things that harmoniously come together in one gifted state.

The second point is the territorial customs and traditions which play a great role in the appreciation and recognition of the area. Every visitor tries to insert themselves into the culture of another state and experience those incredible feelings being a part of its people.

What is the name of the most beautiful state in Nigeria?

Depending on who you ask but according to the most popular response, Edo State is proclaimed to be the most beautiful state in Nigeria.

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Edo state in Nigeria 2017

So, Edo State is situated in the Southern part of the country and is known for being the heartbeat of Nigeria. It has 18 independent districts, which are governed locally. For example, Benin is the most vital and prominent city and also is a major tourist attraction.

Let’s look through the criteria that helped us to make a choice:

1) The history

Edo became a separate state in 1991. Basically, this state has a long civilization past, which is full of many fascinating event. It was formerly the territory of a powerful Benin Kingdom till it collapsed.

2) The nature

This is a truly special aspect of Edo State. Here you can find the most attractive landscapes. Cliffs inclining on each other, great mountains reaching the sky, beautiful waterfalls are what makes a fraction of the beauty of this great state. The main state vegetation consists of rainforest, lowlands, and Savannah. In addition, ,human intervention led to a high number of rubber plantations, oil palms and forest reserves that can be found in the area.

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Edo State - nature

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3) The people

Edo people are very helpful and friendly. When you travel, you certainly notice the warm greetings and smiling faces. So, the culture of Edo people, their diverse traditions, hospitality, and freedom are the main factors that promote it to be one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria. As for the mentality of these people, it is different from those that can be found in other parts of the country. Dancing, joint-development parties, and drinking makes the essence of the culture. Noisy church services, colourful rituals, and “wonders” showed by voodoo priests promote the general honor of the state.

Edo people

4) Family values

They create and appreciate extended families. Basically, the mentality of the Edo people makes it favorable for international tourists and neighboring visitors.

Culture and art

5) The cultural heritage and art

The Edo people pride themselves in the art and crafts and exquisite cultural artifacts. The diversity found in these creations have attained global popularity and become international brands. The artifacts of the Benin Kingdom, which represent the spring of civilization, are among the most indispensable and coveted in the world’s history. Actually, Edo State became the home and cradle of culture, arts, wood works, and bronze casting in Africa.

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There is no perfect place without any “but”

The commercial buses in Edo state are badly equipped. The cars are poorly maintained and drivers don’t pay attention to the rules and speed limits on the roads. Unkempt highways, and frequent accidents is a negative aspect of the amazing Edo State. But still, your behavior influences the way people will see you. Therefore not only is the state wonderful, but its people make it so. People carrying goods on their heads and constant bargains are standard points for an average local.

Places which make Edo State the most beautiful state in Nigeria

Wandering through the amazing villages full of cultural and historical heritage or just relishing traditional meals in the local restaurant are strong reasons to visit Edo State. This state will welcome you and offer a range of tourist attractions, varying from the sport, culture, economic, eco, and history. Everyone can find something interesting to enjoy.

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Benin Kingdom

Aside from the common attractions that capture tourists attention, Benin Kingdom is rich with festivals and different celebrations, which makes it a year-round place. Many options are available to gratify the wishes and tastes of each visitor. The weather is bright and sunny the whole year, so, that is why you have 365 days to experience the unforgettable feelings of Edo State’s beauty. Thus, if you decide to go to this breathtaking Kingdom, you should definitely visit dozens of places.

Festival in Edo state

What is more, the Oba’s Palace, the famous world museum, is situated in Edo State. It is known as an example of traditional artistic work and architecture. In general, inside the palace, you can see the stock of the royal court arts, Oba’s sculptures, and ancestral shrines.

The Oba's Palace

The statue of Emotan represents the exalted lady and is associated with the Benin Kingdom royalty. This statue is initiated to Emotan, who are known to be patriotic women, who had been selling food directly at the place it was erected. These women became popular for rescuing people from risk and danger. It is installed opposite the large supermarket to commemorate the past.

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The statue of Emotan

The national museum is a short distance from the Oba’s Palace. Nowadays, the place contains inestimable items from the whole Benin Kingdom. Originally, all the treasures kept were hidden from the human eye, but nowadays, they are available to tourists in the National Museum.

National museum

The Holy Aruosa Cathedral is a rather ancient church, which happens to be the oldest church in Nigeria. It was created in the 15th century, and since then, it has operated as the Benin Kingdom religious center.

The Holy Aruosa Cathedral

Of course, this is not the full list of intricate sights and stunning places, which Edo State offers to its tourists. The state has been showered with praises for its beauty, uniqueness, creativity, and excellence. It is one of the most wonderful places of interest, connoisseur place and the most appreciated site in the whole Africa.

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