How to make Samosa and Spring Roll in Nigeria?

How to make Samosa and Spring Roll in Nigeria?

Today, we will be talking about Nigerian Spring rolls and samosa! How to make Samosa and Spring Rolls? We will show you a simple way! Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to prepare your favorite spring rolls and samosa today! Continue reading to find out more!

How to make Samosa and Spring Roll in Nigeria?

How to make Spring Rolls?

How to make Spring Rolls?

Let`s start with a very popular snack in Nigeria! It is one of the delicacies of what is called 'small chops'. They are served as appetizers at the various events. It is usually served in a lot of parties or events. You can enjoy this snack and it goes well with a bottle of beer. You can find several varieties of Spring Rolls.

We are going to focus on the most popular variety of Spring Rolls – minced chicken and vegetables! Take a look at three methods to make Spring Rolls! We will be sticking to the original and very much loved recipe.

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Spring Roll Wrappers Ingredients

Spring Roll Wrappers Ingredients

- Salt (one teaspoon);

- Corn/potato/tapioca flour (two-three table spoons);

- Flour (about 300 grams);

This is more than enough to make twenty-five wrappers.

How to make Spring Roll Wrappers – Steps!

How to make Spring Roll Wrappers – Steps!

- Mix up salt, flour, and corn/potato/tapioca flour;

- While mixing the dry ingredients add some water to make a batter;

- You should mix it through until you get a stretchy batter;

- Knead the batter. You just need to lift it up and smash it down on the bowl. Repeat this sequence several times until your batter becomes really stretchy;

- Cover your batter and keep it in your fridge for three hours;

- After three hours, your batter will be a little bit solid. Do not worry - it`s still stretchy enough;

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- Heat up a pan;

- Now your heat level should be low;

- You can now scoop the made batter into your hand;

- Make a circular smear on the pan;

- Place the pop-up sheets on a plate;

- Repeat this procedure several times until you have used all the batter!

That`s all you need to know about how to make samosa and spring roll wrappers! Let`s take a look at the Nigerian Spring Rolls ingredients!

Spring Roll Ingredients

Spring Roll Ingredients

- 16 Spring Roll Wrappers;

- Vegetable oil;

- Spices;

- A finely sliced onion;

- Green peas (100g);

- Bell pepper (green);

- Chicken Stock (100ml);

- Four peeled and grated carrots;

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- A finely grated cabbage (about 250g);

- Chicken ( only fillet, about 300g);

- Flour (one tablespoon);

- Cool water (50ml);

- Garlic powder.

How to make Spring Rolls – Step by Step!

How to make Spring Rolls – Step by Step!

- Boil the chicken stock and the grated cabbage together in one pot. Do not forget to add salt to this mix. If you don’t have the chicken stock, then add two stock cubes and some water. Boil the mix until the cabbage becomes tender;

- Add the green peas and the grated carrots. Simmer the mixture until the carrots become soft;

- Pour the mixture into your strainer!

- Strain out the water from the vegetables;

- Take a pan and heat up some vegetable oil;

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- Add the garlic powder

- Add the onions (minced) and fry a bit;

- Add the chicken (minced);

- Stir the chicken until its color changes (it should become white);

- Add your stock cube or powder, some salt, black pepper – do not forget to mix them out;

- Add the strained vegetables into the chicken pot. Mix them well with the chicken;

- Add the green pepper (chopped) and stir the mixture for just two minutes;

- Put off the heat;

Spring Roll in Nigeria

- Leave the mix to cool completely;

- Take a small bowl and mix some water and flour in it. Set aside the mixture as it will be used to bind the rolls;

- Open up the Spring Wrappers and fill them with the chicken&vegetables mix. Use the binder to seal the edges;

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- Heat up the vegetable oil until it becomes very hot! It will be used to fry the spring rolls. You need them to become brown and crusty. Use a paper towel if you need to drain out the extra oil!

- That`s all! After the Nigerian Spring Rolls are fried, you can leave them to cool a little bit and then serve.

How to make Nigerian Samosa and Spring Roll? You know how to make the Rolls and know let`s try to make Samosa!

How to Make Samosa?

How to Make Samosa?

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What is the Nigerian Samosa? It`s an Asian Samosa with some alterations. Nevertheless, it has become a very popular snack for Nigerians. Let's learn how to make samosa today!

Nigerian Samosa – Dough Ingredients!

Nigerian Samosa – Dough Ingredients!

- Warm water;

- Salt (1/2 of a teaspoon);

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- Dry parsley;

- Vegetable Oil;

- Flour (all-purpose one about 150g).

Nigerian Samosa – The Filling Ingredients!

Nigerian Samosa – The Filling Ingredients!

- Salt;

- Chili pepper;

- Vegetable oil;

- Stock Cube;

- Black pepper;

- Curry powder (one teaspoon);

- Garlic or garlic powder;

- A minced onion;

- Green peas (200g);

- Two carrots;

- Two potatoes;

- Minced beef or chicken (200g).

Nigerian Samosa – preparations!

Nigerian Samosa – preparations!

- If you get a whole onion instead of a minced one, then cut it into thin circles;

- Wash and peel carrots and potatoes;

- Cook them in the salted water for five minutes;

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- Add the peas to the carrots and potatoes and cook for five more minutes until they are soft. After that, strain and set the vegetables aside;

- Heat up the oil and add the garlic powder, black pepper, curry and stir fry them for one minute;

- Add there the minced chicken/beef. Fry the meat until its color turns pale;

- Add the stock cubes, salt and chili pepper to taste;

- Add the cooked vegetables;

- Mix it thoroughly and set aside to chill.

Nigerian Samosa – Dough cooking!

Nigerian Samosa – Dough cooking!

- Mix the water, flour and vegetable oil. Mix these ingredients until you get a dough;

- Cover the dough with the aluminum foil and leave for 15 minutes;

- When it is ready, knead your dough to make it more elastic;

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- Cut a little bit and roll the dough with a rolling pin;

- Using a cutter, create a triangle with the dough;

- Take the Samosa filling and scoop it into the dough. Close your dough triangle;

- Heat up the pan with oil and fry your Samosa;

- When the frying is done – you can serve it!

Samosa in Nigeria?

That`s how easy and simple it is to make your favorite Nigerian dishes at your home! Try one today!

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