Maje Ayida biography

Maje Ayida biography

We have some spicy facts from the personal biography of the famous fitness guru in Nigeria. Read Maje Ayida biography and learn something new about the well-known man!

Maje Ayida biography

Maje Ayida profile

Maje Ayida

Maje Ayida age is 44 years old now. He is from Itsekiri, Delta State. This man has 5 older siblings. There are two boys and girls. When Maje was 8 he left for England. His parents wanted him to study in the boarding school.

Maje Ayida with Toke Makinwa

Maje Ayida studied there for a long time. He had a job at the bank of London for some years. But in 2000 he returned to his native country Nigeria. At first, he didn't want to come back home at all. He had spent too much time in another country. But Ayida had to get used to his home country again.

"I like the concept of the family. It is not important whether I have blood relatives or not. The family is something that increases the value of life," he said in an interview in 2014.

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Maje Ayida with his ex-wife

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Maje Ayida likes to write different articles in on his social media pages. He writes about himself, about life, and about the world around him. The main idea is that someone, somewhere, who reads it can feel the very emotions that Maje describes.

Let's delve into his personal life. Maje Ayida was married for 18 months to Toke Makinwa. They met each other at a boat club in Lagos. The couple ended up divorcing. The fitness trainer was accused of cheating on his wife for a long time. His girlfriend was Anita Solomon. Maje Ayida baby mama even gave a birth to his child. At one point, this became the most high-profile scandals that rock the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nigerian fitness trainer

The divorce greatly influenced the Maje's business. But he did not give up and continued to work hard. Maje Ayida has disclosed that he is unsure if he would ever get married again.

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This year, Maje Ayida, Toke Makinwa's humiliated husband, hired lawyers to stop her books' sales. She wrote a book about Maje and the things he did. It is titled "On Becoming". This book also markedly ruined the reputation of the fitness trainer.

Maje Ayida and Toke Makinwa wedding

On July 22, 2015, Maje Ayida made the decision to apologize to Toke Makinwa for cheating on her. He did it on Instagram. He revealed he regretted everything. Unfortunately, Toke didn't respond to or accept Maje Ayida apology.

Maje Ayida apology

You have read Maje Ayida biography and some interesting news from his life. He works hard on his business. It brings him pleasure. Who knows, maybe someday in future Maje will be with Toke Makinwa again and they will build a happy family together.

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