How to cook nsala soup with chicken?

How to cook nsala soup with chicken?

Have you ever tried real Nigerian food? For example, soups? Today you will learn the recipe of one particular yummy dish in Nigeria. Find out how to cook Nsala Soup right now!

White soup with chicken

Nigerian food recipes

Oil Free Nigerian Soup

Nigerian food plays an important role in the Nigerian culture. It defines the people and their lifestyle. In most cases, food in Nigeria is cooked by a woman at home. That is why it is so essential to know all these recipes in order to make the whole family happy.

How to prepare Nsala Soup?

Nigerian soup

The literal translation of this dish is "White Soup". It is one of the most delicious soups in Nigeria. Nsala Soup is one of the rare soups in Igboland that can be cooked without palm oil. It is very popular in the Eastern part of the country. Igbo people are the most frequent consumers of this amazing dish. So let's learn the Nsala Soup recipe!

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Nsala soup

You will need the following ingredients for the White soup preparation:

1. About 7 slices of Yam.

2. One cup of ground crayfish.

3. Three cubes of Knorr.

4. Two teaspoons of uziza seeds.

5. Some uzuza leaves.

6. Two medium-sized dried fish.

Delicious Soup

7. Two kilograms of chicken or meat.

8. Utazi leaves, but not necessary.

9. Pepper and salt to your taste.

10. Some red ground pepper also to your taste.

And now let's find out how to make Nsala Soup.

The preparation of this yummy dish will take approximately 70-80 minutes.

But maybe with your skills, it will be much faster!

White Soup

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For a start, you can boil the yam. Then peel it. Yam is used as a thickener for soup. The next step is to crush crayfish and uziza seeds. Rinse the seeds well and cut them.

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Put the chicken/meat with spices and all necessary ingredients into a pot. Then you must boil the meat for 20 - 40 minutes. It should become soft before you add the hot-water-washed dry fish. Add three glasses of cooled water afterwards.

Nsala (White) Soup

The amount of water in Nsala Soup depends on how many people you want to treat.

Boil the combination for about 15 minutes. Then you can add the ground crayfish, uziza seeds, and ground red pepper.

Taste the soup and add one more cube of Knorr or salt if needed.

Nigerian yummy

You can add some yam and see if the soup thickens. If you like very thick Nsala Soup you can add more yams. It is up to you.

The next step is to add Utazi leaves and sliced uziza leaves. But don't add too many Utazi leaves. The soup will be too bitter if you do.

Soup with meat

Boil Nsala Soup for a few more minutes. And now you can serve your delicious dish!

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Getting acquainted with this Nigeria food recipe may help you learn how to cook something tasty. Even if it takes you a lot of time, the effort will be justified.

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