Lace gown styles: amazing trends of 2020 which you will love (photos)

Lace gown styles: amazing trends of 2020 which you will love (photos)

Have you seen the latest Bella Naija cord lace styles 2020? Amazing clothes for ladies who have an eye for the latest fashion tendencies! Choose the most suitable for you!

Bella Naija cord lace styles 2017

Bella Naija styles

The latest collection of Bella Naija cord lace styles 2020 consists of a wide variation of gorgeous attires. As always, it contains a lot of styles for wedding parties and other special occasions. Beautiful blue, white, yellow, pink, and many other soft colours will create the perfect look for you.

Bella Naija cord lace styles 2017 - yellow

By the way, many Nigerian ladies are showing a preference to all shades of blue and green this tear. Just take a look at these tender and deep colors!

black lace gown

Tender cord lace style

Yellow cord lace style

Bella Naija cord lace styles 2017 - dark blue

Soft colors look brilliant and beautiful! It doesn't matter if it is pale yellow, pale pink or light blue.

Bella Naija styles 2017

Pink cord lace dress

Green lemon cord lace style

By the way, if you prefer a one-colour attire, bright accessories and Gele will complement your look.

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Cord lace is a unique material which is simply marvelous for both festive and casual look. So, if you think that cord lace is only for big and festive events then you should definitely look at the photos below.

There are a lot of different types for a more casual style. Nigerian ladies can choose skirt-and-blouse attires, or find a gorgeous gown that would suit your figure. So, let’s look through some Bella Naija dresses and casual gowns. Why wouldn't you want to look gorgeous every day? Cord lace attires always have that luxurious look.

Dark blue cord lace dress

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Cord lace blouse styles

cord lace blouse styles 2017

Good news for those who prefer blouse and wrapper (iro and buba) styles. For this type, Bella Naija presented us with cool models in bright and soft colors. You can choose a casual variant of cord lace blouse styles, and festive one for a special occasion as well.

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Bella Naija cord lace blouse styles

For example, this beautiful white cord lace blouse will complement your festive look, especially if you add some bright accessories.

Bella Naija cord lace blouse festive styles 2017

Cord lace gown styles

cord lace gown

Bella Naija cord lace gown

cord lace green dress

This photo below will show you how to create a unique gown that looks amazing by combining two materials that might look incompatible at first.

Take a look at how a small decorating element made of Ankara brightens the pale cord lace gown. The colour of shoes should match the colour that can be found on the brightening element.

Ankara and cord lace

Here you can see the beautiful Bella Naija cord lace gown styles. Right now, various dress styles are in a trend. Long dresses, as well as short dresses made from cord lace, will look equally adorable. So, just look through these sleeveless long and short gowns, and you will definitely find something for you.

cord lace gowns 2017

Bella Naija cord lace gown styles 2017

Also, there are fantastic cord lace gowns with long sleeves.

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beautiful lace dress with long sleeves

So, as you can see, that cord lace styles proposed by Bella Naija look gorgeous and amazing. In the new collection 2020, we can observe different colour combinations that will combine together to make a perfect look! Just choose one that suits your taste.

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