Pasuma house in Omole

Pasuma house in Omole

Do you want to know more about Pasuma house in Omole? Are you interested in the design of the star's home? How many rooms does it have? We can give you all the details.

Pasuma house in Omole

The showbiz star, who has achieved some success and popularity with the public, earns a decent living. As we all know, after a while, a successful celebrity can afford to buy a house in a prestigious area, a car, and other items that emphasize the status of a star. If you have talent, perseverance, and diligence you can earn big money in show business. It can be done in any country in the world, and Nigeria is no exception.

Pasuma house in Omole, Lagos
Pasuma house in Omole

Pasuma new house in Omole

Today we will focus on Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, also known as "Oganla." Who is Pasuma? He is a Nigerian film actor and Fuji musician. His new house in Omole, Lagos has been discussed constantly on the internet.

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The facade of the house with decorative columns

They say it costs 60 million Naira. In any case, as we see from Pasuma house picture and video on the Internet, the house is very decent, though not very big. It’s suitable for a medium sized family. The exterior of the house is adorned with decorative columns. Pasuma latest house has five bedrooms, two large living rooms, and a kitchen in high-tech style. Moreover, there is a jacuzzi and a gym there. The rooms are large and spacious.

The sitting-room in Pasuma house
The sitting-room of Pasuma house in Omole

The ceilings in the building are high. The design of the house is made in European style, finishing in light neutral colours. As for the decoration, they are in colours of pastel, as well as tones of beige and green. A neutral colour scheme conveys the good taste of the home owner. There are a lot of windows in the house. They are large so this means that the home will always be bright during the daylight.

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The friends and relatives in Pasuma house

The building has graceful balconies. The windows and balconies are decorated with tiles. The floors in the musician's house are multi-leveled. They are made of marble in light colours.

Furniture in the house is not too extravagant, so the space is not cluttered. In one part of the house, the furniture is light beige and milky. In the other part, it is dark brown. Some decor elements are made of gold. We managed to spy out a golden console and picture frame. The singer has a home theatre system.

At the table in Pasuma house

The yard around the house is small but enough to accommodate several cars. The house and the yard are fenced off from prying eyes thanks to a high fence. There is an additional economical building there.

There are many photos on the internet of Pasuma spending his time in his new house with his friends and numerous relatives. Obviously, it’s very comfortable for the singer to live here.

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How many houses does Pasuma have? They say that Wasiu Alabi Pasuma has one more chic house near OPIC on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. In fact, the question of how many real estate the famous singer has, can only be answered by Pasuma himself and maybe his closest relatives. We wish the musician success and comfort as he enjoys his nice home.

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