How to make soya beans powder?

How to make soya beans powder?

Just for you, we have sourced and found the easiest and fastest recipe made from special ingredient for your meal! Find out how to make soya beans powder without any problems. Just follow these few steps and you will be a pro in no time!

How to make soya beans powder?

Soya beans powder

Preparing home-made soya beans powder usually takes about 60 minutes. This specific process of turning soya beans into a powder usually starts from the washing of the beans (do it a day before making the powder so you can allow the beans to dry overnight). Afterwards, the exposure of the beans to heat will make them tender.

Then you unwrap the hulls of the beans to finish the preparation process, and the beans are then ready for grinding.

After grinding, you can use your soya beans powder for your meals. This is a brief summary of the process of making soya beans powder. Now, we will tell you how to do it step-by-step.

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Soya beans seeds


- soya beans;

- unripe plantain;

- groundnuts.

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Preparing soya beans


1. Take a fully dried frying pan or pot, and fry your soya beans. Stir constantly until they start turning slightly brown (check whether you picked away all bad bean seeds, dirt, and stones from the bulk before frying). When the beans are ready, they become tender.

2. Here is a small secret: to make the grinding of soya beans easier, you should grind the beans when hot. Cooled beans will become harder and it will be difficult to grind them. After about five to eight minutes of grinding your powder will be ready.

Frying soya beans

3. The next step is to fry peanuts or just buy already-fried ones, which have been prepared at the market.

4. Slice the peeled unripe plantain into very thin slices and bake in your oven till they get crispy. But make sure you do nott burn them. You also can buy already baked unripe plantain (also called kpekere).

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5. Then take a heavy-duty miller or blender, loosen your grinder and pour the groundnuts through once to set apart the skin from the nuts. Then blow away this skin very carefully.

Grinding soya beans

6. After this, you must grind all the ingredients together: plantain, groundnuts without peels, and soya beans powder. Grind all the ingredients till they become smooth.

Soya beans powder

7. You can store the powder in a container.

Remember that you should store the powder in a cool, dark place. Use it while it’s fresh which is anytime during the next couple of weeks. You can add this powder to water to make soy milk, or you can use it for desserts, smoothies or even in any recipe of your choice to increase the protein content of the food. By the way, many people use soya beans powder during a warm bath to soften the skin. Now keep this recipe in mind going forward.

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