Ice Prince girlfriend cheating - is it true?

Ice Prince girlfriend cheating - is it true?

Ice Prince girlfriend cheating - where is the truth? Fans are interested in the changes going on in the rapper’s personal life! They need the latest hot facts!

Ice Prince, the singer and Maima Nkewa
Ice Prince, the rapper, and Maima Nkewa

The problem of betrayal in a relationship between a man and a woman is as old as the world itself.

One of the most destructive threats to a relationship is infidelity. These days, it happens quite often. Studies show that about a quarter of women and a third of men betray their partners. Approximately, sixty-five percents of couples are destroyed for this reason.

Ice Prince and his former girlfriend Maima Nkewa

This question is relevant for both ordinary people and celebrities. Stars succumb to the temptation of cheating more often. It could be due to the many opportunities they have. One more reason is the army of fans mostly girls and young women. Especially when it comes to the male celebrities. The stars are idolized. A lot of girls want to have a star as their boyfriend. Females think that by getting into a relationship with a famous singer or musician, they have won the jackpot.

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Then, once the girls enter into the relationship, they see the reverse side of the coin. The vast number of young and beautiful ladies are ready to get into a relationship with a star. As you know, celebrities are usually busy. A tight schedule of concerts, shootings or competitions does not allow for spending as much time as the women would like.

Ice Prince and his former love Maima

Having a lot of money also allows a star to have things that others cannot have. Besides, to be on the wave of popularity, he must attend various parties and create a stir around himself. Even in some cases, he deliberately provokes scandals. The girlfriend of a celebrity finds herself in constant tension. All these features make the relationship with a star difficult.

The propensity for cheating depends on the nature of the person. It is also connected with the characteristics of upbringing and the cultural environment of his/her growing up. Also, it is associated with internal psychological attitudes formed by life experience. The inclination to accept and forgive betrayal also depends on the personal qualities of the person.

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Ice Prince, Nigerian singer
Ice Prince, Nigerian musician

Who is Ice Prince?

Some time ago, the relationship between Ice Prince and his girlfriend was discussed on the Internet. Ice Prince's girlfriend (now ex) is named Maima.

Ice Prince refers to the famous Nigerian musician, songwriter, and actor Panshak Zamani. This guy makes music in the style of hip hop. He is also the Vice President of the Chocolate City record label.

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Panshak Zamani

Ice Prince, Nigerian rapper

Ice Prince

As for his personal life, Ice Prince has a son. The Internet community is vigorously discussing his relationship with girls. Now the fans ask: why has the rapper broken up with the beautiful Maima? Is it true that she cheated on him?

Ice Prince and his girlfriend Maima Nkewa
Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa

Ice Prince and his girlfriend severed relationship

As for the relationship between Ice Prince and his girlfriend Maima, there were rumors that the girl was cheating on him with an Abuja-based man known as Akinbode. He allegedly sponsored Ice Prince girlfriend's travels.

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However, Ice Prince, in his interviews with online publications denied the fact that Maima Nkewa betrayed him. The musician claims that he carefully looked into the rumors about his girl's infidelity. He believed Maima. The girl was just being attacked. As you know, it is not difficult to throw unconfirmed information on the Internet. The musician also said that he was in a relationship with the most beautiful and worthy girl. According to the musician, Maima is a honest girl. Ice Prince did not catch her being unfaithful.

Ice Prince and Maima

On the contrary, the rapper claims that problems in his past relationship arose because of his own propensity for betrayal. So this happened in his relationship with the French-Ghanaian beauty Maima. For a while, the girl closed her eyes to Ice Prince cheating, until their relationship collapsed..

Many creative personalities find it difficult to resist the temptation and remain faithful to their partner. In this world, there are a lot of seductions and it is easier to fall into them. Building a genuinely happy and strong relationship is not an easy task. It requires some sacrifice from the people who love each other. Indulging this weaknesses, a person will make his beloved unhappy.

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Ice Prince and his former girlfriend

Life is never perfect. Betrayal leads a person to understand what love is, despite the fact that it is a challenging experience. We can deal with the pain with a kind and correct attitude. Everyone needs time to understand and heal the hurt and decide whether or not to stay with a cheater.

We hope Ice Prince will comprehend the problem and build the next relationship on trust, love, and mutual understanding.

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