Hushpuppi spends N3.3m on drinks in nightclub

Hushpuppi spends N3.3m on drinks in nightclub

Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi Ray, who is based in Malaysia, has once again made headlines with his major spending spree of N3.3m at a Lagos club.

Hushpuppi Ray always finds ways to go viral in the news. Either through his money or by him dissing or beefing other people. A couple of weeks ago, reported that he spent N2.3m in one night and now, he has surpassed that amount.

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The filthy rich big boy recently spend over N3.3m in a Lagos club on Saturday, June 17.

Hushpuppi spent N3.3m on drinks in a nightclub in Lagos on Saturday, June 17.

As if the spending that amount was not enough, he posted photos of the expensive bill and the numerous bottles of Moet that he purchased.

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He said: "Out here in SIP, let's see if anyone will compete again so I can humble them like I did to the people before them, lol. I don't understand how anyone in this world will look at me finish and want to try me, be humble."

He dared people to test him and said he will humble them with his money.

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One thing is for sure: he has a lot of money to spend and he makes sure everyone who has eyes sees how he spends it.

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