History of Osun State

History of Osun State

The history of Osun State is something you must know! Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about your country! It`s your chance to uncover the history of Nigeria!

History of Osun State

Osun State Creation

Osun State Creation

The fight for the creation of Osun State Nigeria started in the 1950s. At that time, the current Osun State was under the Ibadan District Authority. The representatives of Osun West, East, and Central, submitted the petition to the British Colonial Government. They wanted to create an autonomy for Osun State. Moreover, they even proposed Oshogbo as the autonomy headquarters.

Osun State Nigeria

The leaders of Osun State pursued this agenda up to 1951. Only the colonialists headed by H.L. Butcher, managed to settle down the leaders of Osun State. H.L. Butcher granted an autonomy for Osun District Towns on April 1st, 1951. After that, the leaders of Osun State had to wait more than 40 years for the creation of their state!

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The creation of Osun State

The creation of Osun State was institutionalized by the leaders of traditional tribes in that area. They created some pressure on the federal military government in the 1990s. Therefore, it was only the matter of time for Osun State to be created in Nigeria.

history of Osun State Nigeria

Col. Ajiborisa is the first head in the political history of Osun State. He managed to assist in the state creation between August 1991 and January 1992. He contributed to the election of the state under the Military President in Nigeria. The first governor of Osun State was Otunba Adeleke. Still, he was not in power for an extended period. His reign lasted only 23 months.

Osun State in Nigeria

The first acting military administrator in the history of Osun State Nigeria was Col. Akale. He was a man who invented this post for Osun State. In December 1993, Navy Captain Anthony Udofia became the first military administrator of the State. He ruled for almost three years. The second military administrator was Col. Anthony Obi. He was a commander in the office of the State for the next two years up until August 1998.

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The first acting military administrator in the history of Osun State Nigeria

The first military administrator who transferred the power to the civil government was Bamigboye. He handed the administration to Chief Adebisi Akande. He was a representative of the Alliance for Democracy!

Osun State Traditions

Chief Adebisi Akande ruled in Osun State up until the 2003 gubernatorial elections! Still, he lost the elections to Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. He was a representative of the People’s Democratic Party! There were several parties which competed in the 2003 gubernatorial elections in Osun State Nigeria:

- Alliance for Democracy (AD);

- Peoples Democratic Party (PDP);

- All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP);

- All Progressive Grand Alliance Party (APGA);

- National Conscience Party (NVP).

Osun State Nature

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Prince Olagunsoye was named the governor of the State on May 29, 2003. He was the first leader in the brief history of Osun State, who managed to find a way to foster peace and prosperity. Prince Olagunsoye controlled the State up until the 26th of November 2010. He was forced to leave the office as the appellate court annulled the results of the April 2007 elections.

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On November 2010, they named another governor of the state. Eng. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola from the Action Congress of Nigeria party was declared a winner of the elections. He is still a governor of the State!

Political History of Osun State – The Legislature

Natural History of Osun State

The First Assembly of Osun State Nigeria was inaugurated in 1992. The first chambers for this Assembly was the Osogbo City Hall. It served as the first House of Assembly. At that time, there were 46 Honorable members in the House of Assembly. There were only 23 government areas of the state. The Speaker of the Assembly was Barrister Adewale. This Assembly was dissolved in 1993 by General Sani Abacha.

Political History of Osun State – The Legislature

The Second Assembly of Osun State was created in 1999. The creation of this legislature branch was initiated by Chief Adebisi Akande. At that time, the Assembly consisted of 26 members. The speaker of the Second Assembly was Mojeed Olujinmi Alabi.

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The Third Assembly was created in 2003. Its creation was initiated by Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. This legislature body was made up of 26 members. The speaker of the third Assembly was Rafiu Adejare Bello.

History of Osun State in Nigeria – Geography!

History of Osun State in Nigeria – Geography!

Osun State officially emerged on 27th August 1991. It was created by the General Ibrahim Babangida. Osun State was carved out of old Oyo State. There were eight other states carved from old one. According to the 1991 census, the population of the state was about 2.3 million people.

At that time, the state had over 200 towns. It was also a highly urbanized area compared to other states. The major cities at that time were:

☛ Ifon-Osun;

☛ Ipetu-Ijesha;

☛ Ikire;

☛ Ila-Orangun;

☛ Ede;

☛ Iwo;

☛ Ikirun;

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☛ Ilesa;

☛ Ile-Ife;

☛ Osogbo.

Osun State Today

Osun State Today

Today Osun State consists of 30 Local Government Areas! It`s also divided into three federal senatorial districts. Osun State is also divided into two administrative zones.

The state is filled with various natural resources, like granite, kaolin, limestone and even gold! The citizens of the state are mainly traders and farmers.

History of Osun State – Conclusion!

History of Osun State – Conclusion!

Osun State wanted to become a state since the 1950s. Only forty years after its citizens became members of one of the 36 Nigerian States. They have traveled a long way to become equal with the other states.

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