Intercontinental dishes in Nigeria

Intercontinental dishes in Nigeria

You might have heard about the term ‘continental breakfast’. But do you know the meaning behind the term ‘intercontinental dishes’? If you are open to new experiences through the medium of taste, prepare yourself for the list of top 5 of intercontinental dishes that can be prepared in a regular Nigerian kitchen.

Intercontinental dishes

What are intercontinental dishes?

Intercontinental dishes in Nigeria

What comes to mind when we say ‘intercontinental dishes’? If you answered ‘foods that are basically the same in different countries with slight regional differences’, then you are correct! The basic intercontinental dishes meaning is just that.

It is interesting how people can come to the same conclusions while being thousands of kilometers apart. It usually happens with scientific discoveries, although the same can be said about food. There are only so many ways you can cook potatoes, or rice, or beef stew. However, the added regional flare makes a world of difference.

That is why we decided to show you intercontinental dishes list of foreign foods found in Nigerian food menu. Why not try something new? And there is no better way to get to know a different culture than through their food. So put your reading glasses on, read up and add a little intercontinental spice to your cooking.

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1. Menudo


We all know and love the classic Nigerian pepper soup. Nothing over-the-top, only the essentials: meat, traditional mix of spices and chicken broth. However, it is not entirely unique in its simplicity. People from across the Atlantic Ocean came up with something just like this.

Menudo (literal translation ‘small stomach’) is a Mexican soup usually made out of beef intestines, broth, limes, cilantro, onions and red chili peppers. Beef tripe, or as some of you may know it as shaki, might take a bit long to cook, but the end result is worth it.

This traditional dish often gathers the whole family together and turns a regular meal preparation into a social event. It is also used as a hangover cure, so you might want to consider making it before an exceptionally boozy night. However, be aware that it might take up to 7 hours to cook menudo, therefore, plan ahead.

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2. Tamales


Nigerian cuisine seems to have a lot in common with the food from the Americans. And even though our next pick is a bit different from moin moin (or moi moi), it still has the same key elements. We are talking about tamales.

This Mesoamerican meal is traditionally made out of corn dough (masa), a mix of herbs and spices (peppers, garlic and onion powders) and filling. Then it is wrapped in corn or banana leaves and steamed. The filling could be anything you can think of. Most often, it is meat, although there are recipes that feature black bean and cheese filling, which is basically the same as moin moin.

Tamales are a pretty good meal option for extended outdoor activities like hiking, or cycling, or even a picnic. They can also serve as comfort food. So consider taking a break from the usual moi moi and try tamales instead!

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3. Beef patty

beef patty

Continuing with the American trend, this dish comes from the beautiful Caribbean. Beef patty, also known as Jamaican patty is a delicious counterpart of the Nigerian meat pie. What makes it different is the mouthwatering crumbly bright yellow pastry dough. The secret of the yellow color is curry powder and turmeric, as well as a layer of egg wash.

Beef patty purists think that the real beef patty should only contain beef, seasonings and the coco bread (the name of the crust). However, Jamaican patties are not limited to beef only. They can be filled with vegetables, seafood or cheese. You choose whatever what you want to have in your patty.

These days, beef patties are sold on every street corner in America, sold frozen in supermarkets, but nothing would ever beat the taste of fresh homemade crumbling beef patty. Choose the recipe you fancy and try it, the patty will not disappoint you.

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4. Jambalaya


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Fried rice is not exclusive to one particular continent. Nevertheless, there are little to no contenders for the African Jollof. The mix of spices explodes in your mouth and leaves you asking for seconds. But we have found a dish that if not rivals jollof, then at least comes at a close second. It is a meal influenced by Western European cuisine, and it is called jambalaya.

Jambalaya is literally translated as jumble, hodgepodge, if you will. The name is very fitting. You throw the different tasty things in a pot, wait for some time and get a flavorful rich dish.

What makes jambalaya so special and different is that, apart from the regular meat and vegetables, it always has sausages in it. Traditionally, it is white rice, green pepper, onion, celery, pork and a smoked sausage cooked together. The smokiness of the last ingredient opens up a whole other realm of flavor for fried rice. You should definitely try it at least once.

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5. Hush puppies

hush puppies

And for dessert (literally) we are left with the hush puppies. Akin to your regular Nigerian puff puff (or kpof kpof), this North American dish is a small crispy fried treat. The main difference is that it is made out of cornmeal and it can be not only sweet, but savory as well. Salty hush puppies can serve as a side for seafood, while sweet ones can be a full-fledged dessert.

This dish is just as easy to make as kpof kpof, and the cornmeal gives it an interesting texture and flavor. In about 20 minutes you will be munching on these tiny doughnuts. Make a large batch so that your friends and family don’t miss out on this snack.

We don’t know about you, but writing this article has made us extremely hungry. We hope that it opened a whole new world of intercontinental dishes in Nigeria for you. If you are still here, what are you waiting for? Find some intercontinental dishes recipes that fit your wishes and run to the closest store for ingredients! Bon appetit!

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