N-power application form 2017 is out

N-power application form 2017 is out

What is the N-power application form 2017? How do you fill it in and apply? Find out all the answers here. It is easier than you think!

N-power portal

It is imperative for any young person to get a good education. But the not less important aspect is further employment. A participation in the N-Power program can be an excellent solution of these problems for every young Nigerian.

The primary task of N-Power recruitment is to create job vacancies and expand the rights and abilities of potential job seekers. The program is provided by the National Social Investment Program and the Federal Government of Nigeria. Nigerian youths between the ages of 18 and 35 years old have the opportunity to take part in this program.

N-power program in Nigeria
N-power program

Last year with the help of the Government, 200 thousand young men and women were employed by primary schools and healthcare primary centers. They were also engaged in the development project centers of agriculture in all the Nigerian Local Government Areas.

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The vast number of tertiary graduates received N-power jobs. In 2017 the N-Power Corps of Volunteers included more than 300 thousand people to reach the total number of 500 thousand just like it was initially promised.


Nigeria has one main resource - its youth. The well-educated graduates with the all the necessary skills can improve the growth of Nigerian economy and partly solve the problem of unemployment among the youths. It is a part of the Federal Government’s 2017-2020 development plan (the Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan). Due to the program, the government tries to support the human workforce of the country.

N-power applicants

The N-Power program helps to solve a broad range of the following problems: a lack of teachers in primary schools, high level of diseases, and low level of science and knowledge agricultural field. Also, N-Power can diversify the Nigerian economy. It is a great instrument of the national economy planning and organization. Thanks to the program, the youth of the N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build categories can get experience in their required field as well as world-class skills and certification. It assists them to become relevant at home and in the global market.

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The goals of the N-Power recruitment process

• the assistance and improvement of the livelihood of the huge number of unemployed Nigerian youth.

• the development of a quality system for the improvement of the earning capacity, business, and technical skills.

• the creation of necessary decision deals with public services and government policy of diversification.

• the developing and improvement of economic knowledge in Nigeria.

N-Power Agro program
N-Power Agro

The N-Power program has two categories

1. Graduate Category consists of N-Power Volunteer Corps

2. Non-Graduate Category includes N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build

N-Power Build

Important message about the 2017 Application

"The June 2017 Application is not open to the Non-Graduate Category (N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build). We will still select the successful applicants of the Non-Graduate Category (2016). We shall study, train and engage all successful non-graduate applicants in groups."

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You can, however, apply for the N-Power Volunteer Corps. It is focused on post-tertiary involvement for the Nigerian youth between 18 and 35 years old. The 2-year volunteer programme is paid. The graduates will have their first jobs in determined public services organisation within their vicinity. All N-Power Volunteers are provided with computer devices. They contain all the necessary information for their particular job, and at the same time the information for their continual studying, training, and development.

N-power program candidates
N-power candidates

In 2016, the government admitted 200,000 N-Power Volunteers. In 2017, the Government recruited more than 300,000. The June 2017 Application is only open for the N-Power Volunteer Corps. It will be focused on teaching and consulting decisions in four main branches.

• N-Power Teach

• N-Power Health

• N-Power Agro

• N-Power VAIDS

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N-power registration
N-power registration 2017

N-power online registration

June 2017 Application

Applicants should know that the application is absolutely free of charge. They do not receive any application fee. Candidates should read and understand all the necessary information before the applying. Now, let us give you the right information on how to apply for N-power.

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Candidates must do the following things:

• An applicant must go to N-power official website (www.npower.gov.ng). He or she has to read the information about the variety of N-Power categories so they can understand the category that fits him or her the best. Before registration, a candidate needs to generate his or her N-power login and password to log in.

Application form

• Before the applying, a candidate must be sure that he has all the necessary data about the details of his or her Bank Verification Number or BVN and the latest passport photo.

• Then an applicant should choose the “Apply for N-Power Volunteer Corps.”

• After entering on the application portal, the candidate will be asked to read the terms and conditions of the N-Power Program and confirm if all the information he or she will give is indicated correctly.

• An applicant must enter in his or her 11-digit BVN, surname, first name, and middle name in the same way as it is stated in the BVN information, and then the data of his or her active bank account;

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N-power application

• If the candidate’s BVN details are not correct, he or she will not be able to continue. If the BVN data are correct, the applicant goes ahead to the application portal for filling in all the necessary personal information and his or her academic qualification. Afterwards, the candidate will receive a unique N-Power identification number;

• The applicant must enter his or her correct phone and contact email;

• The candidate should also upload his or her passport photo in JPEG or PNG form. The size must be no bigger than 25 kilobytes.

• Before an applicant completes his or her N-power application form, his or her knowledge of grammar, general knowledge and basic numerical concepts must be checked.

The application period will end on July 13th, 2017 according to the official website. So there is no time to waste.

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