Sophie Momodu biography

Sophie Momodu biography

If you are no stranger to Nigerian celebrity news, you have probably heard the name Sophie Momodu. The young woman gained her fame (or, in some instances, infamy) by bringing into the world the daughter of David Adedeji Adeleke, more famous as Davido, Nigerian music artist. But who is she? What happened between her and Davido? Is there still beef between them? Find out below.

Sophie Momodu and Davido

There is no definite information about when or where Sophie Ajibola Momodu was born. However, from numerous posts that stated her age we can safely say that she was born on June 9, 1987, which makes her 30 years old. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

The other thing she is famous for is being Dele Momodu’s cousin. Dele is a famous Nigerian journalist and CEO of Ovation International.

From Davido’s angry posts from several months back, it is apparent that she did not receive higher education, nor did she ever have a career. Although this source can barely be considered reliable.

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On May 14, 2015, she gave birth to Davido’s first daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke. This child has become a source of drama even while still in her mother’s womb.

Sophie Momodu and Imade

Currently little is known about her personal life after the things have settled. She has 33.1 thousand followers on Instagram, @thesophiamomodu, where she shares pictures of her luxurious life and of her adorable daughter. Sophie is interested in fashion, VIP events and expensive cars.

She has also recently made a YouTube channel, The Sophia Momodu Channel, which has already gained 364 subscribers in less than a day of its existence. The description of the channel says that it is going to be a lifestyle vlog channel with elements of fashion, beauty and adventure. The 46-second trailer video has been seen by 4,142 people in 17 hours, which is quite impressive.

Davido and Sophie Momodu

Sophie Momodu and Davido BD

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The most interesting part of the life of Davido’s baby mama is her incredibly long feud with the singer over their daughter. A lot of news outlets have already covered the juiciest parts of the story, so let’s just take a look at the most notable moments:

Even before the baby was born, Davido made accusations about Sophie’s infidelities and demanded to have a DNA test done. After Imade’s birth, DNA test confirmed that she is indeed his daughter. However, the accusations about Sophie's frivolities haven't subsided for quite a long time afterwards.

There have been rumors that Sophie had been smoking weed during the period of Imade’s infancy, when she was breastfeeding her. Doctor’s reports said that they found cannabis in her milk. Sophie claimed that she only gained knowledge of this from the media and has never seen the report herself.

Sophie Momodu and child

After that, Davido decided to take his daughter for a ‘medical checkup’, which turned out to be a resort in Dubai. For some time, Sophie had barely any contact with her child. However, Davido claimed that both parents gave their consent for this trip.

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This incident led to a legal battle, where even Dele Momodu was involved. The whole thing was long and messy, but, after all that happened, Sophie got full custody of her child.

Currently there seems to be no beef between the two. The daughter remains with her loving mother, and the father is rumored to have another baby mama, which would be the third one. Davido has made no intentions to marry Sophie Momodu, and he continues to hang around other ladies.

Before Davido, Sophie’s life seemed to be rather uneventful. But their relationship, although rather brief and explosive, has given her an opportunity to live a luxurious life, raise a wonderful child and have some prospects in her professional future. Let’s hope that everything is well now, and that there is no more drama around Sophie Momodu.

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