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P-square net worth 2017

P-square net worth 2017

Are you interested in P-square net worth 2017? What is their Forbes rating? Peter and Paul are the richest musicians in Nigeria!

P-square group


From time to time you might ask yourself how much money it would take for you to feel successful and happy. Celebrities are also concerned about this issue.

Why do they go into showbiz? They work hard. They are engaged in creative work from morning till night. Their tour timetable is scheduled for years ahead. For what purpose do they take part in all these contests, different events, and visit various fashionable parties? Besides, the majority of stars actively appear in advertisement for products. There are even some celebrities who are involved in the election campaigns for the top state officials and political parties.

The Okoye twins

They need money to live in luxury

The first reason is, of course, to achieve admiration, recognition, fame, and the love of fans. Well, the second reason is the big money. Today, showbiz makes it possible for people to earn a whole lot. The amount of money they make has made it possible for them to afford a luxury life, and enjoy the high status living as other big names. Money let you have truly the best things.

The stars in show business often have some internal competition among themselves to see who can afford the largest and most beautiful houses, the coolest cars, and even private jets from the most prestigious brands. And not to mention other sweetheart trinkets, such as gold iPhones, encrusted with diamonds and other exclusive things.

Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye

The mass media attention only stir up more attraction and interest to the celebrities’ earnings. They arrange all sorts of ratings, lists, and awards. Top five richest stars of show business! Top ten private jet owners! Who earned the biggest worth among the stars? Whose house is the most expensive? And so on.

What is P-Square net worth?

The African and Nigerian celebrities do not lag behind their UK and USA counterparts. The Nigerian singing duet P-square net worth Forbes is about 70 million dollars. They are considered to be the richest musicians in Nigeria by Forbes. They also take the third place in Africa when it comes to size of wealth. Of course, different Internet resources name different amounts, some of them name even say they earn 130 million dollars. But we still believe the official publication by Forbes.

The Okoye brothers

How did the brothers manage to earn such money? What is the secret of their success? How do they manage to amass such a vast fortune?

Firstly, P-Square as a duo are two twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. This feature additionally brings them a lot more interest and attraction. They perform a style of R & B and hip-hop that is appealing to youths. The guys started playing music many years ago when they were still at school. When they were secondary school students, they created a singing group with their friends. The twins performed at a number of concerts in their city.


When they were in the university, Peter and Paul started singing as a duet. They change the names of their group several times until they arrived at P-Square. Their musical career went uphill when they won a musical contest in 2001. Having already worked with some leading music labels, the guys now have their own record label, Square Records.

Also, it should be noted that the brothers work hard. In their creative career, they have released more than 40 musical compositions and six studio albums.

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P-square, the famous brothers

Studio albums are the following:

• In 2003 - Last Nite

• In 2005 - Get Squared

• In 2007 - Game Over

• In 2009 - Danger

• In 2011 - The Invasion

• In 2014 - Double Trouble

The list of music awards in which they were nominated for and won, is very impressive.

Both twin brothers are married and have children.

P-square, the luxury duo

The sources of P-Square net worth

The great portion of P-Square net worth, of course, was earned by performances at their concerts. Besides, the sale of their albums and rotations of clips brought in a significant part of their wealth. The brothers sing not only in Africa but throughout the world. Now they are going on a tour of the USA and Canada. P-Square is very popular. If you search for 10 of the most popular African music videos on YouTube, you will see that the first five places are occupied by the videos of these handsome guys.

P-square, the Nigerian duet

P-square, the Nigerian duo

In addition, P-Square has successfully invested their money in business projects in Nigeria, as well as in real estate at home and the USA. For example, their house on the prestigious Banana Island, where they live with their families, and with their elder brother, costs about 1.5 billion Naira. Photos of this chic mansion amaze a lot of ordinary people. Also, as representatives of the telecommunications giant Globacom the twins were able to make 100 million Naira.

P-square, the world known band

Moreover, their fleet of cars include models of business class, sports cars, jeeps, a limousine - everything that the soul desires. The duo has their own yachts and a private jet. What about their gadgets? They both possess iPhones, made specifically and customized for them. They are decorated with gold and black diamonds! The big collection of Peter Okoye’s shoes deserves your attention too. It seems to us, he does not even know how many pairs he has himself. Their children also enjoy the very best.

Having earned such a great net worth through their work and talent, the brothers have created a real luxury life for themselves, with all the necessary attributes. They can certainly compete with any worldwide star.

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