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How to transfer credit on Airtel?

How to transfer credit on Airtel?

Airtel gives you a new sharing service called ME2U. It will help give you ca chance to transfer credit on Airtel! Do not miss the opportunity to top up mobile phones for your family and friends. Continue reading to know how.

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How to transfer credit on airtel

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel Sim?

  1. You need to update your SIM card to 32K SIM;
  2. Select SMS menu on your mobile phone;
  3. Under the menu, you will find a Me2U icon. Click on it!
  4. You will get two options you can either send airtime or change the password:
  5. Choose to send airtime.

Now you can enter any denomination you want. After that, enter the password and then click ok!

How to transfer credit on Airtel with Me2U?

How to transfer credit on Airtel with Me2U?
  1. Use 16K Sim cards;
  2. Go to the messages;
  3. Select write a message;
  4. Type 2U<space>{mobile phone}<space>{needed amount}<space>{password};
  5. For instance, of you want to send 500 Units to 0999999999 and your password is 0000;
  6. Just type: 2U 0999999999 500 0000 and then send the SMS to number one-five-one;
  7. That`s all! The recipient will certainly be glad that you know how to transfer credit on Airtel Nigeria!

Top Airtel credit benefits

How to transfer credit by Airtel – benefits!
  • You can access this feature of Airtel Me2U twenty-four hours a day! Even during the night, you can transfer credit on Airtel!
  • You can send any amount of airtime!

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How to transfer credit on Airtel Line?

  • Dial *432# on your phone;
  • If you want to change transfer PIN – reply with three;
  • Reply with the number of the person you are transferring to;
  • Input the network of the recipient;
  • Enter your PIN;
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with one!

You can also change your pin

You can also change your pin!
  1. You need 16K Sim card;
  2. Go to messages;
  3. Type the message Pin [1234]< your old password>[space]<your new password>; For instance, you want to change your default password from 1234 to 0000;
  4. Type in: Pin 1234 0000 and send the SMS to one-five-one;
  5. It`s absolutely for free! Enjoy it!

Now you know everything about how to transfer Airtel credit! Share your credit with friends and relatives with Me2U on Airtel Line! You have a chance to share the joy with people!

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