Latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles in 2018

Latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles in 2018

A new collection of the best Ankara skirt and blouse 2018 is here for you! Pay attention to the latest models! Be in a trend! Follow these fashionable ideas of Ankara styles!

Ankara skirt and top

Latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles

Ankara amazes the imagination with its new collection of skirts and blouses 2018! This season Ankara fashion presents a wide range of skirts of different lengths and styles. In this collection, there are short pencil skirts above the knees, midi skirts, as well as long narrow skirts and flared to the bottom skirts.

Ankara skirt and peplum blouse

A very popular style in Africa when it comes to skirts is the "Mermaid's tail" style and it is represented here too. This season Ankara styles for ladies presents items of complex cut, as well as one or more slits for daring girls.

Ankara skirt and blouse 2017 - unusual cut

Ankara skirt and blouse in yellow

As for the blouses, unique Ankara styles have the usual blouses and peplum blouses. Such blouses with a round, rectangular or triangular neckline are still very popular in the collection of 2018. The sleeves of the tops are short, three-quarters or long and extended to the bottom. There are blouses without sleeves too. This season open shoulders and cutouts on the back are also very trendy.

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Ankara skirt in the style of "Mermaid's tail"

Ankara skirt and blouse 2017 + lace

Many ladies enjoy having lace added at the top of the blouse, in the décolleté zone and on the sleeves. The colour of the lace either fits the basic colours of the ankara according to the shade or contrasts with them. It combines with the other shades harmoniously and emphasizes the beauty of the blouse. The collection uses different types of decorations.

Ankara skirt and blouse of complex cut

It should be noted that wrappers and tops are also very popular this year. They are also represented in this collection. Fashionable women will be able to choose any style that suits their taste in Ankara blouse and wrapper styles.

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Ankara blouse and lace skirt 2017

Skirt and blouse combinations

Blouses and skirts of beautiful Ankara fabrics are made, as a rule, in one color solution, creating a joint ensemble. There are different variants of a skirt and blouse combinations in this collection. A monochrome skirt and a multi-coloured top, or a multi-colored skirt and a monochrome blouse are showcased in this latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles 2018. There are variants of joining tops and blouses of different but matching colours, as well as the presence of any common elements in a top and skirt design.

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Ankara skirt and blouse! Variety of colour combinations

Ankara lovers also know how to pick the best gele to go with the look. As a rule, gele is a bright element and it draws attention to the woman's face. In the collection of the latest skirt and blouse designs in 2018, geles are mostly matched in one color or tone with basic clothing, but there are also contrasting variants.

Ankara skirt and blouse 2017 + gele

Ankara blouse with open shoulders

The colours of Ankara designs for skirt and blouse

The colour palette of Ankara designs for skirt and blouse is always elegant and quite diverse. The colour of the sea wave, blue colours, and shades, as well as coral and yellow, remains popular. Purple colour does not go out of fashion too. Many lovers of Ankara skirt and blouse usually go for pink fabric and varied palette of its shades.

Ankara skirt and blouse 2017 in yellow color

There are elements of green colour in this collection too. Skirt and blouse styles of the season 2018 have many combinations of pink and blue, yellow and blue, brown and yellow and pink and brown colours. There are also compounds of three or even four colours and shades in one wardrobe item.

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Ankara skirt and blouse for brave girls

As for the ornament, traditional African ornaments, floral patterns, as well as geometric small and large figures dominate in collection 2018.

Ankara skirt with geometric ornament

The Ankara fashion season 2017-2018 is bright and sunny. The latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles attract attention with their unusual colour combinations. Traditional, but in some ladies, quite a brave avant-garde cut should be noted too.

Avant-garde Ankara skirt and blouse 2017

Ankara skirt and blouse ornaments

Fashionable women following the most recent Ankara styles will admire these new types of blouses and skirts. These clothes from the latest collection will emphasize all the dignity of your figure and help you to look great at work, on vacation or at any important event.

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