Ramadan prayer and fasting schedule 2017

Ramadan prayer and fasting schedule 2017

Ramadan or the fasting month has started on Friday 26th of May in Nigeria. It is the holiest month for the Muslims all over the world. From 26th May until 24th June over billion of Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset. However, the fasting month is not only about fasting - it is also important to pray every day. Below you will find the prayer guide for this holy month.

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Prayer points of Ramadan 2017


The month of Ramadan is divided into three parts:

1. First ten days are the time of forgiveness;

2. Second ten days are the period of mercy;

3. Third ten days are the time of escape from hell for those who do Ramadan well.

During the month, people pray and hope that the merciful God will hear and forgive them for all the evil deeds they’ve done during the year. It is important to read the Qu’ran or, if you can’t read, listen to it as it will bring the knowledge you need in your life. During each part of the Ramadan, thank God for all He has done for you and your family. Pray to him everyday, so that He will hear you and help you.

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The days of Mercy

Days of Mercy

During the first ten days, the Muslims are seeking the forgiveness in the eyes of God and they endeavor to show mercy to others.

Day 1, 26th of May

It is the time of intense pray and worship. Don’t forget to thank God for all that He has done and thank God for being God. It is believed that all your deeds are multiplied, so consider doing something good for those who are in need.

Day 2, 27th of May

Pray and say sorry for the sins you’ve committed. Reflect back on your life and pray that you would have an encounter with God when the time comes.

Day 3, 28th of May

During the ten days of mercy, it is important to pray so that God’s true nature can be revealed. Pray to God so He would show mercy for all during the whole year.

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Day 4, 29th of May

Pray for people who are in oppression. They need your prayers, so they will find freedom and mercy.

Day 5, 30th of May

The fasting is challenging so pray for people who are in frustration. Pray so they will cry to God in their need, and he will help them.

Day 6, 31st of May


Pray to redeem yourself for all the bad deeds you have done during the year.

Day 7, 1st of June

The days of Mercy are about showing mercy to others. Pray and thank God that people are giving charity. But also don’t forget to pray to God that they will see that Salvation can’t be bought through charity.

Day 8, 2nd of June

Pray that the Lord will help you to control yourself during the Ramadan. During this holy month, you should not only fast from eating but also control your negative actions and emotions.

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Day 9, 3rd of June

Pray for the religion of Islam as Muslims show love to those around them.

Day 10, 4th of June

Pray for the country of Nigeria and believe that things will be better.

Days of Forgiveness

Days of Forgiveness

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The second 10 days of Ramadan are there to show the mercy to people that are around you and ask God to forgive your sins as well.

Day 11, 5th of June

Pray for the repentance of your sins and forgive the ones around you. It is believed that during this time, God’s forgiveness is at its peak.

Day 12, 6th of June

Thank God for being God. Pray and thank Him for his forgiveness and that he is unchanging.

Day 13, 7th of June

Pray for those who are seeking forgiveness of their sins and hope that God will hear them as they cry out for it.

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Day 14, 8th of June

Pray for your family and relatives of those who are around you. Pray that they will forgive each other and build a strong relationship.

Day 15, 9th of June

It is believed that the Qu’ran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan. Because of this, a lot of Muslims read and study it staying up late. Pray for them, that they will ask questions and find the answers they need.

Day 16, 10th of June

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Pray for those who are looking for God in their life and that they would find him.

Day 17, 11th of June

Pray that those who are willing to find God, but can’t, because they don’t have access to information.

Day 18, 12th of June

Pray for Islam and all Muslims so they would build strong relationships with all the people around them.

Day 19, 13th of June

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Thank God for those who believe in him. Pray for them, so they will continue to grow spiritually.

Day 20, 14th of June

Pray for mercy and forgiveness for all the believers around the world

The Days of Refuge

Days of Refuge

The last days of Ramadan are believed to be the most blessed.

Day 21, 15th of June

Ask for God’s blessing and safety from hell. Pray that He will forgive you your sins.

Day 22, 16th of June

Pray and thank God for the refuge you have in Him.

Day 23, 17th of June

Pray for those who are not sure and ask God that He will reveal Himself to them, so they can find assurance and salvation in Him.

Day 24, 18th of June

The Holy book

Pray for the refugees and those who are seeking safety, refuge, and healing. Pray for them and hope that God will show mercy.

Day 25, 19th of June

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Pray to God that he will be close to those who lost their loved ones and that they will find peace and comfort in God.

Day 26, 20th of June

Thank God for the love he gave you and all people. Pray that he will bring you peace and salvation.

Day 27, 21th of June

The Laylat-al-Dar is the holiest night of the year when the gates of heaven are believed to be open, and forgiveness is given for all those who seek it. It is uncertain when exactly the night falls, so we pray every night during the last ten day of Ramadan. Pray that those who are seeking will find God, pray for mercy and forgiveness for you and everyone, who are in need.

Day 28, 22nd of June

Pray for those who are seeking God so that they will love Him and have the courage to be close to Him.

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Day 29, 23rd of June

Thank God for the work that Islam is doing for all those who are seeking help and mercy in the eyes of God. Pray that they will continue to do what they are doing so the world would be a better place for all.

Day 30, 24th of June

Pray for God’s blessing on you and your family. Usually, on the night before the 24th of June, people go outside and look for a new crescent moon. If it is sighted, that the Ramadan end is declared.


Ramadan is a time when your spiritual awareness is increasing. It is difficult to go through it, but with the help of God and your loved ones, you will be able to make it. Pray, so the God will hear you, forgive your sins and bless you and your loved ones.

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