What is fasting in Islam?

What is fasting in Islam?

Do you intend to fast? Read and get acquainted with rules of fasting in Islam, Ramadan fasting and the rules concerning breaking of fast during Ramadan.

What is fasting in Islam?

What is fasting in Islam?

According to Islamic beliefs, fasting is depriving yourself of some human pleasures from dusk to sunset. Ramadan is a time greatly anticipated by Muslims in the whole world. It is a month of thoughtfulness and spiritual purification.

In Islam there are two types of Muslim fasting period – recommended and mandatory.

Recommended fasting

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- every Monday and Thursday;

- the 13th, 14th and 15th day of each lunar month (full moon days);

- 6 days of the "Shawwal" month. This is the month which follows Ramadan. It is believed that people who are adherent to fasting during Ramadan, and who complement their fasting with six days in Shawwal, will get a special reward.

- the 9th, 10th and 11th days of "Muharram" or the 9-10th or 10-11th days. Muharram is the first month in the Muslim calendar.

Ramadan fasting

Ramadan fasting

Obligatory fasting is held in the Ramadan month. This fasting is a compulsory aspect of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim must take part in it.

When it comes fasting in Ramadan, Muslims must refrain from drinking, eating and inhalation of tobacco smoke from the beginning of morning prayer until sunset. This means that Muslim fasting is not limited only to certain kinds of food, like in Christianity, but the time of meals. The last meal should be not later than 1 and a half hours before sunrise.

A person must have reached the age of puberty to be able to fast. He/she must not be mentally ill or physically weak. Apart from the refusal of drinks, food and sexual relations during fasting, Muslims also perform extra prayers, called Tarawih.

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Breaking of fast during Ramadan

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It is also believed in Islam that if a person forgets he/she is fasting and breaks it by mistake. he needs to repent then continue fasting. If a Muslim saw a man who is not fasting, he is obliged to remind him of that. In addition to the above-mentioned refusals of food and drink, it is also forbidden to smoke, take medication, give an enema, induce vomiting – all these things are regarded as eating.

Your fast is broken if you:

• eat even a small amount of food;

• drink even a drop of water or medicine;

• vomit, if it is caused intentionally;

• sexual intercourse;

• ejaculation during orgasm;

• if by intensive mouth rinse or breath, and water gets inside;

• swallow saliva which appears on lips;

• smoking;

• using of enema;

• usage of ear or nose drops;

• menstruation (even if shortly before sunset).

Actions that require only repayment of fasting but does not mean breaking:

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• eating or drinking by mistake;

• deliberate ingestion of paper, wool, and other similar items;

• swallowing of water while rinsing nose;

• ingestion of large particles of food remaining between teeth (large is considered to be a particle of pea size);

• eating in the morning, believing that the time for Sahur has not yet passed, or in the evening, believing that the time for Iftar has come.

What is fasting in Islam religion

Rules of fasting: why is it needed to be adherent to fasting?

Islam says that corporal desires and needs are one of the most powerful factors that influence human life and that make us feel dependent on them. In Islam, there is one month during which Muslims voluntarily abstain from their bodily needs satisfaction in order to develop a spiritual element of their nature.

A person whose body experiences hunger and thirst, becomes free from the domination of animalistic and physical needs, thereby developing a commitment to spiritual values and goals. Thus, fasting during Ramadan is a time when a Muslim, due to less concern for his physical needs, has a great opportunity to devote himself to spiritual development.

Are you obedient to fasting rules?

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