Rivers in Nigeria and their location

Rivers in Nigeria and their location

Do you know how many rivers there are in Nigeria? Where did Nigeria get its name? Is it based on the Niger River? Find out everything and a little bit more HERE.

Rivers in Nigeria and their location

There is a great number of rivers in Nigeria, its longest river (the River Niger) is one of the major rivers in the world.

Major rivers in Nigeria - River Niger

In honor of River Niger, Africans gave its name not only to the country Nigeria but also to Niger state. The river turns from Sahara desert to the South-East, rushes in the direction of Nigeria, where it flows over 1,400 km.

River Niger

The entire river length is 4,180 km. The river occupies the third place in Africa in terms of length after Nile and Congo.

Once this river enters Nigeria territory, it flows down from its large tributaries - Sokoto and Kaduna. Between the mouths of these rivers, Niger finds its way among crystal and hard rocks.

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Through this river valley, from Ely to Gabby, it becomes strongly narrowed. Here you can see Niger river violent roar, showing all its might, rushing through the narrow gorge and rapids. After the rapids, the fury of this natural attraction becomes quite peaceful and even acquires navigable character.

Rivers in Nigeria

After all, the river turns to the South, where you can see the largest tributary and an important country river artery - River Benue.

Completing its path through the country, River Niger, flowing to the Gulf of Guinea, meets another tributary Anambra river.

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Rivers in Nigeria and their location


Rivers in Nigeria and location

The river mainly flows in the Western region of Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria). Benue is the largest Niger river tributary. Benue river length is nearly 1,400 km. It begins its navigation from the place of Ibi town. The river flows through densely populated areas of the humid savannas.

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Rivers in Nigeria

This river is also located in West Africa. It forms the border between Benin and Nigeria. River length is 480 km.


Rivers in Nigeria kaduna

It is supposed to be Niger left tributary. Total length is about 550 km. Kaduna got its name from crocodiles found in the region. In Hausa language, its name means crocodile place.


The river falls into Chad lake. Its lower current is a natural boundary between Nigeria and Niger.


Rivers in Nigeria and their location - Cross river

The river is situated in the Western Africa area, though it begins flowing in Cameroon. Turning to the South and separating Nigeria from Western states, it flows into the Gulf of Guinea. Efik is one of the main nations inhabiting Cross River shores.


It is the longest Niger branch and is considered as the main Niger extension. Nun crosses Niger Delta from North to South through the state of Bayelsa. It flows through sparsely populated marshland and mangroves. River length - 160 km.

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Rivers in Nigeria sokoto

The river flows on the North-West of Nigeria. The river flows through the territory of four States: Kazini, Zamfara, Sokoto, and Kebbi. On the banks of the river, Nigeria residents grow cotton, tobacco, peanuts, sugar cane, rice and other crops.


It is Niger branch used for shipping since the beginning of the XX century. Forcados crosses Niger Delta from North to South and flows into the Atlantic ocean. River length is equal to 198 km.

Rivers in Nigeria

Isn't this totally mindblowing? There are so many beautiful rivers in Nigeria! It is a big gift that we should use carefully and wisely.

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