Cultist begs residents to save him from bleeding to death after cult clash

Cultist begs residents to save him from bleeding to death after cult clash gathered that a suspected cultist who was shot during a bloody clash with rival gangs, reached out to residents of the area for help in saving his life.

A suspected cultist was left at the mercy of residents of Urban Area, a part of Sapele, Delta state, as he almost bled to death.

The young man who gave his name as Precious Stanley was involved in a shootout with a rival cult group which left him bleeding from the gunshot wound he sustained.

After he was found bleeding by the roadside, the young man reportedly pleaded with residents to save his life as he didn't want to die.

He was eventually taken to a hospital where he's said to be undergoing treatment while chained to a bed by security operatives.

Cultist Shot During Bloody Clash In Delta State Begs Residents To Save His Life. Photos
This suspected cultist was left begging for his life after he was caught

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According to reports from the Facebook user Sapele Oghenek who shared the post, here's what transpired:

"Na wetin dey sweet person nai dey kill am. The young man wey dey under this post na cultist. For some days now, we dey report the events of attacks wey Eiye Confraternity and BG's take dey get themselves down for the town with matchets. As we speak, many people dey ground for hospital dey take treatment for different cuts and injuries either from cutlasses, razor blades, battle axe or other forms of bottles.

Two days ago nai this same two factions of cult group face themselves for Urban Area and this time around na gun dem use. Immediately our studio hear about the incidence, nai we copy Vigilante wey spring into action.

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But as God go do am, Team Victor Asikolo just dey reach the spot. When dem see this young man for ground with gunshot wound, (GSW), as e dey cry for help make e nor go bleed die, nai dem carry am. When them interview am, e come talk say, e name na Precious Stanley and e dey stay for Decima by Macpherson road and na Eiye cult e belong to.

Cultism na one major challenge wey dey confront and mitigate against the development of Sapele and environs. We must tell ourselves the truth. Who cult don make get money well well, wey we know and everybody dey respect?

With Cultism, we dey lose our youths; With cultism our youths dey deform; With cultism our young ones dey lose focus; With cultism we dey go down as a nation. *TEARS* Confraternity nor be about killing one another. It is not about fighting your brother to death. Confraternity na about brotherhood. The fight for justice in a legal way. Now, who do we blame?

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Apart from blaming the foolish youths wey nor fit differentiate between right and wrong, the chunk of blame goes to all the confra capos. Wey NOR fit give the young ones good guidance and orientation. Who dey give the order for battle? Who dey declare war? Who dey approve fight? Who dey give them guns? Where them from dey get bullets?

All fingers point to unu wey dey on top. This morning nor be to call names but as this one nor die so,make unu call unu selves to order now becos na unu selves unu dey do. Please, like I post the other day, make we put all our power together use am fight for the good of our land.

We get a common enemy, yet, we nor dey reason dem. Instead, na ourselves we dey kill. Today where Late Champion? Where later Agbari? Where late Browrie? Where Late Agbamu? Where Late Ese Popular? Etc

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Oghenek went ahead to advise youths to shun cultism, saying:

Make we dey think and use our heads. If Mr Godwin Ebosa na cultist,opposition for don burn e company down. Avoid wetin go make u build enemies, so that success go locate u.

So many leaders hands stain for cultism yet dem nor dey fight. Nor be we wey never arrive go dey die young na. Wetin be unu social responsibilities? Na better thing we dey learn.


Responsible confraternity no dey carry guns or arms, dem dey carry ideas and focus. If you are a member of any cult, I advise you to go meet DPO and confess to am say you don tire and you nor want again. He go tell you the way forward and you go get peace.

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Wetin be the gain to join society wey you nor get peace, you nor dey fit sleep and your hands are stained with people' blood. Go TM abi na Richard Continental Hotel, u go dey fear dey drink. Na life be this? Na even with Mask dem use catch am. Na real wa.

Them don take Police report and dem handcuff am join bed for Central Hospital dey take treatment. Make I go Sidon listen wetin Okowa get to tell us."

Does this mean the cultist has realised the error of his ways?

Meanwhile, can you feel the pain of this 63-year-old woman who lost her son to cultists?


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