Nigerian wedding cakes: Bizarre designs

Nigerian wedding cakes: Bizarre designs

Everybody knows that a wedding requires a lot of preparations and financial investment. Among the most necessary things is the one the future spouses should not scrimp or go cheap on. We are talking about the bride’s and groom’s attire, artistic and technical qualities of photography and, of course, a wedding cake. The latter is a star of the show, and we will speak about the ways in which it can spoil this beautiful day. Interested? Keep reading, and you will know how to avoid such a blunder. So here are the most bizarre Nigerian wedding cake designs for your attention.

Miraculous cake design

Looking through the wedding cake pictures on the web, I highlighted the most unusual and gaudy kinds. A strange kind among the others, in my opinion, is an odd idea to depict the snapshots of the newlyweds on the cake. The photos look uglified, bad, and it just does not make guests hungry looking at it. Let us call it ‘Eat me if you dare’.

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creamy photos

In keeping with the theme, we have another unlucky variant of the dessert. This time it is a cake made in the form of a bride! A full-body cake! Just imagine a huge fiancé in crème on one side and a real girl from the other. A perplexed groom is ready to faint at this point. I would call it a schizophrenic concept. One can only have sympathy for the poor couple.

crazy appetite

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The next evidence of complete failure is below. It is a weirdly made cake that looks like an awry pile of patties. I wonder who created it. It is doubtful whether this ‘masterpiece’ may be mouth-watering. View the photo and assure yourselves!

pancakes design of the cake

Another unfortunate example is a huge cake, but it is not perfectly made. On the contrary, the design is weird putting it mildly. The cake consists of a lot of smaller ones which are put on each other in such a clumsy and quaint way. The whole sweet construction looks about to fall and stain everyone with crème. It is difficult to describe. Just check it out.

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A strange dessert

We have wound a 'brother" of the wedding cake above. Either it was a failure of a chef or it has melted or somehow spoiled while transporting. Who knows? Hope it didn't spoil the bride's good mood.

Nigerian wedding cakes: total failure

Some people think that if the cake is big and even oversized, it is good. It means there will be enough for all the guests. That is why the concerned couple chose gigantic desserts, and it is the worst mistake. Then it begs the question, how are you going to cut this cake? With the help of a ladder? The photo below illustrates this case. Yes, the cake looks fantastically posh. The decorations are stunning and realistic. It seems that a pastry chef is a real artist. But the size! It is mammoth! Well, it makes the whole celebration look strange. At least it makes me think that one of the beloved has got delusions of grandeur.

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The grand cake

The bride who has chosen the next cake design probably is a fan of the Cinderella story. Hope that at midnight the cake has not turned into a huge pumpkin.

Nigerian wedding cakes: Bizarre designs - horse
Nigerian wedding cakes: Bizarre

Speaking of this wedding cake, I hardly restrain laughter. The topping is a group of cute teeny-weeny candy figures which symbolize the lovebirds and witnesses. Everything is made accurately and artistically except for face expressions. Taking a closer look, you may think that they are shocked or at least perplexed. It is hysterical! It seems they say: ‘Good heavens, what is going on here?’

odd candy figures

One more quite unlucky way to show off on the wedding is to order a complete tacky cake design, like in the picture below. Despite the fact that the newlyweds are happy and content with everything around them, the cake looks disproportionately and chaotic. First of all, the cake consists of several parts: a huge suitcase, the drum, a bowl, and a pile of mini-cakes one on other with figures of a groom and bride in national attire. The candy trunk is much bigger than the rest of constituents. The turret of cakes was intentionally made awry, but for what reason? Evidently, a pastry chef wanted to emphasize on national cultural motifs in this cake decoration conception but overdid it with all this stuff.

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mish mash design

With the previous one we can understand the concept of the wedding cake and it is realistic and well-done. Looking at the next picture, you may wonder why this beautiful couple has chosen wedding cake in a form of baobab.

Nigerian wedding cakes: Bizarre designs -baobab

It happens that sometimes people voluntary spoil the marriage celebration by picking a wrong or rather outrageous cake decoration. Every single nuance had to be considered and reconsidered beforehand by the couple or a wedding planner. Think twice before picking a weird nonstandard or gaudy design for the cake. Address specialists only. If you decided to have a luxurious wedding party, you have to spend much, in particular, the cake. It is the most important decoration and long-awaited aspect of the celebration. Insatiable guests will not understand your choice if you pick something quaint. Otherwise, you will become a mocking stock for many years.

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