Longest car in the world

Longest car in the world

Can you imagine how the longest car in the world would look like? What about a limo with a pool? Keep reading to learn more about this miracle of American car industry.

World's longest car

The longest car ever made is called the “American Dream”. We will tell you the story of this amazing car.

It is a massive limousine built in the mid-'90s by Jay Ohrberg, popular car collector and designer from Burbank, California, USA. The American Dream limo was 100ft (30.5m) long and had 26 wheels. It was recognized and certified by the Guinness World Records as the longest car in the world.

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World's longest car - Guinness

Jay Ohrberg was also popular for designing some of the well-known cars used in movies and television programs produced in Hollywood. In the late 1980’s, Ohrberg decided to build the American Dream limo. It was designed to be used in Hollywood movies. A 1970’s Cadillac Eldorado was used as a base. Extensive modifications were made to transform it into a 100ft (30.5m) long limousine car.

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The longest car in the world has a king-sized water bed and a swimming pool with a diving board. It has two driver’s cabins at each end of the vehicle. The driver’s cabin at the back of the car was added to help in controlling and navigating the rear wheels when reversing and also making a turn. The rear end of the world’s longest limo has a jacuzzi and a helipad for landing a helicopter. Can you imagine this!? Let's take a look at this amazing limousine car photos.

American dream limo

American Dream Limo

The American dream limo has a hinge in the middle which allowed the car to be drivable around corners. But we doubt it is easy to drive this vehicle. As we can see in the pictures, the limo can be detached in the midsection and carried in trucks from location to location.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. The American Dream had to discontinue its movie career. The once so popular limo was sold to a company which used it as a promotional vehicle. According to sources, it was abandoned in a warehouse after the term of the lease expired.

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In 2012, the longest car in the world was seen at a salvage auction in need of serious fixing and renovation. It was difficult to recognize that this car was once a stra. The body parts were damaged and rusted with broken windows and a corroded jacuzzi. The repairing and remodeling of such car would cost a lot, so for a long time, nobody wanted to buy it.

The American Dream Limo

Reports revealed that in 2014, it was announced that the American Dream limousine has been acquired by the New York’s Automotive Teaching Museum. It was believed that it would be used to teach students about fixing, designing and customizing cars. We are crossing our fingers in hopes that this former vehicle-star will be renovated and restored to its original glory.

World's longest car

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