Allah is not real, Yaweh, Amadioha, we made all these gods up - Nigerian man

Allah is not real, Yaweh, Amadioha, we made all these gods up - Nigerian man

- A Nigerian Muslim turned atheist, Mubarak Bala, has declared that there is no Allah, or any other god for that matter

- Bala said all gods were imagined by their prophets

Mubarak Bala, a self-declared atheist, in a series of Facebook posts discovered by, said all gods are imagined, and that Allah was an imagination of the prophet of Islam, Muhammed.

He argued that the idea of Allah was sold to the Arabs by Muhammed and that those who disagreed with prophet were killed during his time to hide the truth.

Bala, in one of his posts, said: "Allah is not real. It is imagined by Muhammed and projected to gullible Arabs not smart enough to see delusion. Those that did, were killed as Kuffar in later jihads."

"Allah, Yahweh, Tsumburbura, Zeus, Amadioha, Krishna, Anubis, FSMonster, are all not real. We made them."

See Bala's posts below:

Bala also argued that: "The gods had only the level of knowledge of their claimants and prophets because, the clueless guys (prophets) made them (gods)."

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His family insisted that he was mentally ill and kept him at the mental institution until he was certified mentally okay by a doctor, who said nothing was wrong with him.

Unsatisfied with the doctor's diagnosis, his family bundled him to another doctor who diagnosed that Bala was suffering from personality disorder.

Bala was released from mental home after he was able to send series of tweets and emails out to people who stood up to fight for him, alleging that his predominantly Muslim family were merely trying to silence him.

In the video below, a man claimed to be Jehovah and God, watch video:


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