Nigerian food time table for weight gain

Nigerian food time table for weight gain

Many of us dream to lose weight, but sometimes it happens that a person needs to gain weight. Do you know how to gain weight quickly? See the best weight gain diet and high calorie foods for weight gain.

Food for weight gain

Today, when many of us are concerned about the issue of weight loss, there are people who have difficulties with gaining weight. Usually the issue of weight gain is a subject of interest of skinny guys and girls.

How to gain weight fast?

Meanwhile, it is not so difficult to follow weight gain diet, it depends on how many extra kilos you need.

Nigerian food time table for weight gain bmi

First of all, those who want to gain weight at home, need to calculate their body mass index, just to make sure that your weight is not up to the adopted standards. Calculating body mass index is very easy by the following formula: body weight (kg) / height (m). That is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in square meters. For example, your body weight is 50 kg and height is 160 cm, this way: 50 / (1,60²) = 19,53. Once you have calculated the body mass index, compare the obtained result with the data in the table below.

Nigerian food bmi chart

You need to draw your attention to the fact that BMI which accounts to 18 is the bottom limit of the "norm" when your body does not have problems connected with underweight. Normal weight is when BMI is 19,5.

What prevents you from gaining weight?

  • Insufficient or bad food;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism);
  • Disruption of the pancreas;
  • Deterioration of the adrenal glands;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Stress and depression;
  • Parasites;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Spinal curvature.

The most important thing when eating for weight gain is the consumption of at least 40 calories per 1 kg of your weight. For those people who can hardly increase their weight, you should increase the number of calories in your diet up to 50-60 calories per 1 kilo.

Nigerian food time table

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Now let us examine a simple illustration that will help to calculate how many calories you need to eat per day. For example, if your weight is 60 kg, then the total number of calories per day should be (60 kg x 40 calories = 2400). This is the minimum number of calories you should consume per day to gain weight.

How to add weight fast?

Try to include nutritious food in your diet, which is also important for health, because your diet should consist of healthy food. In order to add 1-2 kg per week, you must pay close attention to your diet and not to skip meals.

Nigerian food time table for weight gain fiber

Food for weight gain - what is essential?

  • High calorie foods for weight gain;
  • Exact number of meals;
  • Definite ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet;
  • Physical activity.

Nigerian food time table for weight gain tips:

  • Increase total calories intake by 500 to 1000 calories a day. The number of calories you need daily depends on your level of activity, lifestyle, initial weight.
Healthy food for weight gain
  • Eat more often. Try to eat from five to six times a day with 2-3 snacks in addition to your three regular meals.
  • Increase your protein intake. Include in your diet foods rich in protein such as: meat, seafood, dairy products and nuts. Additionally, in your diet, you can add protein shakes and drink them through 1.5-2 hours after ingestion of food. For example, you get a 300-calorie smoothie if you mix frozen banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, glass of milk and a few ice cubes. You can add honey, if you want to sweeten the cocktail.
Protein shake
  • Drink milk 3 to 4 times a day. Milk is a great product for weight gain, especially if you drink it regularly and it is whole milk.
  • Eat the right food. Include slow carbs in your diet for weight gain. These carbohydrates contain pasta, rice and bread, and their presence in your diet will quickly gain several kilos and provide your body with necessary energy. Whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice are healthy counterparts of refined grains.
Nigerian food tasty
  • Increasing the amount of unsaturated fats in your diet will help you to gain weight extremely quickly. Unsaturated fats can be found in fish, nuts, avocado and olive oil.
  • It is needed to find out how many calories a week you need in order to maintain weight.
  • Eat 1000 calories more than you need in order to gain weight. This can be done by a simple increase in the size of portions during meals when adding to your lunch and dinner about 60-100 calories.
  • To gain weight, add more food products containing healthy fats, as they have more calories than proteins or carbohydrates. Add walnuts to a bowl of muesli during breakfast (plus 180 calories), add a quarter of avocado on your sandwich (plus 70 calories) and pour over your spaghetti 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
weight gain -nuts
  • During the day have 2-3 snacks. Good nuts to choose are almonds, peanuts, dried fruits that you can take with you to school or work. Before bed make one or two cheese sandwiches and eat them with warm milk, which will provide another 250 – 300 calories.
  • Don't forget about exercises, if you want to gain weight and build muscles. Workout in the gym to build muscles will make your figure look excellent.

Remember - your desire to gain weight quickly does not mean that your diet should always contain foods that are high in sugar and fat. Otherwise, there is a risk of heart disease and diabetes mellitus as a result of wrong dietary choices.

Important! If you see sharp decline in weight, consult your doctor to rule out any medical causes.

Top 3 high calorie foods for weight gain

Nigerian food for weight gain
  1. Milk;
  2. Food with high protein content;
  3. Diet with a focus on slow carbohydrates.

Tips for men

Now more than a half of male population wants to gain muscle mass, especially teenagers. To achieve the desired results, you need to follow 3 simple rules.

The first and the most important rule is a proper and balanced diet. In order to gain muscle mass the body needs some building materials (proteins) and energy (carbohydrates). Proteins must be of animal and vegetable origin.

Nigerian food time table for weight gain muscles

Food rich in protein is meat (poultry, beef, veal, lamb), seafood (fish, shrimp, mussels, crab), dairy products (milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese), and legumes (soybeans, beans).

Food rich in carbohydrates, which are necessary for men who want to gain weight - buckwheat and semolina, pasta, bread, fruits and vegetables.

The second rule is constant increasing of physical activity, however you need to remember that not all exercises are good for gaining weight.

Nigerian food time table for weight gain bmi

Finally, the third rule is having enough rest, because during rest there is an increase in body weight. Your sleep duration must be at least 8 – 9 hours. Just try to avoid stressful situations. Following these simple rules will help you to gain necessary weight.

How to gain weight for women?

Nigerian food time table for weight gain meat

You need to eat regularly, 3-4 times a day and between meals it is advised to have snacks, such as sandwiches with cheese and butter. While eating, try to chew food as carefully as possible, so that the body can absorb all the nutrients properly.

Balance your menu, it should be dominated by products with a high content of proteins and carbohydrates. Speaking about protein products you can choose, for example, chicken, beef, fish, milk, sour cream, yogurt, legumes, eggs. Foods high in carbohydrates are pasta and bakery products, potatoes, buckwheat and semolina porridges, honey, fruit juices, sweet pastries and cakes, but remember that for girls it is not advised to lean on sweets very much, as this can be lead to skin problems.

Proper nutrition is only one half of the battle, in the struggle for kilograms it is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of unhealthy habits and go for a walk in the fresh air, so you will not only improve your health, but also your body and soul will rest.

So, now you know how to gain weight without great efforts, just changing your diet and improving your way of life.

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