Diamond bank transfer code: a comprehensive guide (2020)

Diamond bank transfer code: a comprehensive guide (2020)

Modern life tempo is so fast: one has to keep up in order to be successful and not waste precious time. It is not a secret that time is money. The latter requires more efforts and time (again!). But what to do if you need to transfer some amount of money urgently, and you do not have much time (again and again time!) even to walk to the nearest bank outlet? If you are still interested in how to transfer money from Diamond bank to other banks – keep reading till the end, and you will get to know every nuance of the issue.

Diamond bank transfer code

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In this article, we have covered the following aspects:

  1. Diamond bank: overview
  2. Diamond online banking
  3. Diamond mobile banking
  4. Diamond bank transfer code
  5. Diamond bank customer care number

Go ahead and learn everything you need from our comprehensive guide.

1. Diamond bank: overview

Diamond bank is a bank that works well not only in Nigeria but in many European countries as well. It has existed enough to be trusted. Moreover, Diamond bank proposes a wide range of services. For example, a client can:

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  • transfer money from Diamond bank to other banks even abroad;
  • transfer money from one account to another within Diamond bank;
  • transfer money using a cell phone;
  • transfer money online;
  • monitor spending and revenue;
  • pay utilities;
  • replenish cell accounts etc.

2. Diamond online banking

Modern conveniences facilitate life very well, we quickly get used to such services and hardly imagine how to be without them. One of these ‘facilitators’ is Diamond bank online. All that is required to have Internet connection and to log in the system, keeping in mind the password. Use it whenever you want. Diamond bank has got a special security system that works every time you perform a financial transaction, for example, paying for something. So, when you click ‘to pay’ the bank sends you Diamond transfer code immediately. It protects you from the probable frauds. Diamond bank online transfer is a secure way to send money anywhere.

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3. Diamond mobile banking

Diamond mobile banking is also very useful and popular service among the customers. The thing is even more comfortable! It implies that a person can do any financial transactions at any spot, for instance: on the go, in a bus etc, and save time. All that you need is to have a mobile phone and to set up a special mobile application (Diamond bank mobile app) beforehand. Setting it up a customer gets immediate Diamond bank mobile banking activation and everything is ready for work. So, Diamond mobile banking system is very convenient and fast.

mobile banking

4. Diamond bank transfer code

One more very handy innovation is money transfer via a cell phone. This is really quick. Just dial figures and symbols combination to send money to other Diamond accounts or even to a different bank. For instance: *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin (It will look like 710*777*1234567890*10000*1234#). The latter combination is an example of money transfer to the other banks accounts. For more detailed information you can address to a bank worker or visit Diamond bank website.

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5. Diamond bank customer care number

If you have some problems or questions there is a special service - Diamond bank customer care number. Call and you will be helped and explained everything you are interested in by qualified experts.

Diamond bank accounts

Diamond bank is a trusted place to keep savings. It offers modern handy services and makes the customers’ lives easier. The bank name justifies itself through diligent and accurate work. It is a real Diamond among the other banks. Hope that our write-up was useful for you and you have fount all the answers here.

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