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Pete Edochie Family

Pete Edochie Family

Pete Edochie is a successful veteran actor and also one of the most famous faces in Africa. So it is not surprising that Pete Edochie's wife and children wished to follow his steps into the Nollywood industry.

Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie wife and children

Their secrets of a happy family are simple. They have the right attitude to raising kids and building a happy and sincere relationship. This wonderful couple decided to share their experience with Nigerian people.

Pete Edochie family

Pete Edochie family

Pete Edochie wife and children

He made the name and good money there. One of his family members is beautiful Rita Edochie. A lot of people believe that she is married to Pete Edochie, especially because of some misleading articles on the web.

Pete Edochie children

Linch Edochie

Pete Edochie and wife said they always motivated each of their six children. For example, a veteran actor bought them all cars after the graduation from the university. No matter, it was Pete Edochie son or Pete Edochie daughter.

He said he wanted to motivate kids and keep them away from peer pressure. Parents must be able to motivate their children and set a target for them.

The minimum goal for each of them was to get higher education; their reward for the graduation was a car. And where the actor came from, it was important to keep one’s word, so he bought the car for each of children.

Pete Edochie wife

Pete Edochie spach

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The famous actor who has been married for more than 45 years told that his marriage may be called the longest in the industry and he never thought of finding a new wife.

He told he married early and remained married since that moment. He added that he married a woman who had given him six children, so he should not be looking for another woman. He gets everything from this woman.

But how did this couple managed to stay happy together for more than 45 years? The actor answers.

What are the secrets of happy Pete Edochie's family?

happy Pete Edochie's family

Pete Edochie wife and children

Pete Edochie's wife and the actor himself shared their secrets of tight family relations.

- Never forget to ask your partner how his day went. These subtleties of communication will never lose their effect, even if they turn into a daily routine. At the end of the day, even if you are very tired, your partner will know that you not only have to deal with him, but you want to know all the details. And he will seek to share them with you. Pete Edochie sons learned this behavior from their mom.

- Quarrels happen. But they should not destroy everything. You can madly love a person and also be mad at him. Quench the passions. Quarrels and verbal battles do not mean that the marriage has come to an end. Couples who stay together choose friendship and a peaceful solution to conflicts. Remember the proverb: a bad peace is better than a good quarrel. That is the reason why the famous Nigerian couple rarely fights.

Pete Edochie happy

Pete Edochie wife and children

- Note that the relationship means some obligations. Perhaps you do not want to do everything your partner wants - somewhere to go in the evening, watch football or perform some of his assignments. But you must know that your presence nearby makes him or her happy. So maybe it's worth it to overcome your ‘I do not want’ and meet his requests? All this will strengthen your union.

- But be honest what events your partner is obliged to visit with you, and which - not. Not everything should be mandatory. The partner has the right to tell you that it is very important to visit all the holidays of his family during the year, but he will survive if you decline the offer to go to a bowling party of his friend. You both need to be fair to each other. Do not forget about the small gifts - they are remembered for a long time. Pleasant trifles play a big role in life, especially the signs of attention. Does your partner like ice cream with mint chocolate? Buy the package when you're shopping at the supermarket. This will show him that you are thinking about him even by doing such routine things as replenishing milk supplies.

Veteran Nigerian Actor

Pete Edochie wife and children

- Do not insist on parties with other married couples with whom one of you is not friendly. You must not have the same friends. It's okay when each of you has friends. And you can meet your friends alone, even if you have a wonderful husband. And he can spend time with his friends. Husbands of your friends do not have to be friends with each other just because you are friends.

- Often kiss each other meeting and saying goodbye. It's so wonderful if he, going to work very early, does not forget to kiss you tenderly, trying not to wake you up. Or when he escorts you to the door, if you go on business. And an evening kiss, when you meet at home, means that you care about each other the most. Family traditions strengthen marriage. Pete Edochie and family prove it.

- It is sometimes necessary to refuse invitations to stay with your spouse. The rhythm of life today is very busy. Do not seek to fill the calendar of the week with unnecessary meetings and invitations. It is sometimes necessary to refuse some invitations to spend your free time together with your beloved one.

Pete Edochie photo

Pete Edochie wife and children

- Treat his family as your own. His relatives will be pleased that you consider them your family. And your partner will be happy to see that you treat them like relatives. From time to time, call them or send messages. Visit them or arrange a meeting in the cafe when the husband is away. Nigerian family members are very close and this is a perfect atmosphere for a long-lasting relationship.

- Is it worth saying ‘I love you’ often? These three words will never become obsolete. They are always nice to hear. Tell them more often, do not skimp on words. Tell about your feelings.

- Be sympathetic when your loved one is sick. Perhaps, because of this, you will have to cancel plans for dinner in the restaurant and instead cook the broth at home. Maybe you'll need to run to the store for a cough mixture. Do not complain. No one is sick for the purpose, and if the situation was reversed, he would also take care of you.

Nigerian Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie wife and children

- Take on more household chores when your husband (wife) has a lot of work. No, you should not turn into a washerwoman, but you should do it to make life easier for your partner. And by taking on more things from your general duties list, you will have a better chance of doing what you like together when his schedule is less stressful. In addition, it is possible that you will have a crazy period at work, and it will also help you. All this is balanced because you are a family. This is one of the biggest secrets the couple has already shared with their friends.

- Do not joke or mock at each other. Especially do not do this in front of other people and at home too. Be respectful to each other and think about what you are talking in public because this is your favorite person, a partner in life, and not an object for jokes or unclear phrases. This point of view has been very important for Pete Edochie’s wife, as he is a celebrity and always visits different events.

- Do not be late! How many senseless quarrels could be avoided if people were not late for meetings and dates! Start to do makeup 20 minutes earlier than usual. Perhaps your partner is very punctual, so be on time in time, what you’ve agreed so not to be rude. Men do not like when ladies are late and Pete Edochie is no exception.

Pete Edochie an actor

Pete Edochie wife and children

- Try not to make a fuss while traveling. The luxury hotel you booked was worse than you expected. Or your husband forgot to pack your makeup, although he promised. You can get angry and turn into a couple that shouts at each other at the airport, and you can turn everything in jest and say that in the future you will have something to remember about. Stay positive!

- If someone says something bad about your half, always protect him or her. Even if you are too polite to correct other people or expel them for being rude, sometimes it's worth making exceptions, showing character and not being polite. Loving people must protect and support each other. Sometimes people said bad things about the actor and his wife had to tell that people were wrong.

- ‘Love each other unconditionally. Sometimes it's really that simple’.

Actor Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie wife and children

A lot of couples who have lived together all their lives confirm that it is necessary to work for the preservation of marriage. And showing respect and kindness to each other is the main key to the success of the union. Pete Edochie and his wife show the real example of a happy family with lovely and successful kids. If you dream to be like them, follow their tips and stay close to your spouse for a lot of years.

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