cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

Buying a used car in Nigeria is a difficult task. The number of proposals is huge but to find a really decent one, you have to put a lot of efforts. Still, there are a lot of websites offering a wide choice of cars at affrodable proces. Let's consider one of them.

used cars in Nigeria cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

So, why do people buy a used car? There are several reasons for this. For many this is the only opportunity to get behind the wheel due to the insufficient amount of money, others deliberately prefer a used car to a new, making their consideration on very pragmatic considerations. The third category of buyers is buying these machines for the purpose of resale, building their own business (often very successful). is a website which is considered a good online auto market in Nigeria, despite the fact that it is a forum. A lot of buyers and sellers of vehicles meet there.

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We have made a special selection of the most popular cars among Nigerians on Be attentive, maybe only here you will find the car of your dreams or at least you will understand what kind of the car you need.

Audi A7 Sportback 2012

Audi A7 cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

For the first time, Audi has presented its Sportback Concept in January 2009. Half a year later the German automaker introduced A7 at the Paris motor show, and in 2011 made his debut on the Nigerian market. Since 2012 this car was produced only in the version hatchback.

Almost five meters in length (4969 mm) and almost two in width (1911 mm) – with such dimensions Audi A7 Sportback without a doubt declares its belonging to the car class "luxury". The main feature of the design is brand new to Audi models of this class 5-door design with the gently dipping roof. The front of the car is endowed with typical of modern Audi models features. The Germans established a new grille making the nose of the new car lower, with narrowed front optics.

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Toyota Camry 2008 cars cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

Toyota Camry is an excellent vehicle with excellent driving dynamics. Website Nairaland autos agrees completely with this remarks. Toyota Camry is able to conquer any driving enthusiast. The popularity of this car which has survived for seven generations, confirms the choice in the favor of many car fans all over the world. This is not surprising, this used Toyota Camry can meet all the necessary requirements that should have a premium car today.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2009

Nairaland autos cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

As befits a true SUV, Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 demonstrates courage and inspires a sense of confidence and noble serenity, so characteristic of this model. The car retains recognizable features of a design family.

Interior for Toyota Land Cruiser is the standard is we a speaking about luxury and comfort. Being once in the salon of Toyota Land Cruiser, you with all of your being will feel the luxury of rich leather-wood trim; four-zone climate control; navigation system; premium audio system; rain sensors; built-in immobilizer; 14 airbag — and all this in the list of standard equipment! Every detail of the interior is designed to provide maximum comfort that meets the high expectations of Toyota customers.

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Toyota Yaris 2008

Toyota Yaris cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

A professional biography of the Toyota Yaris began in 1999. That year, Toyota introduced to the public its new creation. Since that time, more than 1 million drivers all over the world become owners of this model. Toyota Yaris not only brought the company commercial success but also gathered a collection of awards. That is why in 1999, the Toyota Yaris was voted "Japanese car of the year and European car of the year".

Today Toyota Yaris is great for riding around town. Possessing a stylish appearance, it will make everyone easy, agile and safe driving. Multifunctional technical mind, rationally organized space inside the cabin, the solicitude in fuel consumption — these and other benefits can’t remain indifferent to the Toyota Yaris even the most fastidious connoisseurs of the drive.

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Adhering in its activities to the strategy of "Perfection knows no limits," the company Toyota decided not to stop and make a Toyota Yaris even more brilliant. The updates, on which were made the main focus, affected to a greater degree the exterior of the model and its internal design. Toyota Yaris is a car in which the developers thought out every technical nuance.

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Honda Accord 2008

Honda Accord 2008 cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

Honda Accord the eighth generation has become a successful successor of the traditions - richly equipped sedan of the middle class with a high level of comfort as it can be understood in both capacities: both in terms of convenience, the location of the driver and passengers, and in terms of comfortable driving. The model also has good insulation, high efficiency. The greatest interest in this generation deserves the car of the sample in 2008, featuring not only an updated look but also an extended list of options.

The new Accord features are sporty style, advanced equipment and unique package of safety systems. The assets of this model — reduced center of gravity, wider track, all-new double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension with shock absorbers with a variable degree of rigidity. All this, as well as increased body rigidity, allows Accord to be faster and be more responsive to the driver's commands.

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Volkswagen Jetta 2014 cars and jeeps: Choose the one for you

Volkswagen Jetta – sedan class "C". Debut restyled version of the sixth generation of the model took place at the motor show in New York in April 2014. Despite minimal visible changes to the Jetta, however, the car has gained such an important indicator of security. Conducted by the American IIHS crash tests showed that the strengthening of pillars and thresholds led to higher body rigidity so that the risk of serious injury to the head or torso in case of an accident has significantly decreased.

As for the chassis Jetta, it remains the same. In fact, it’s not even adjusted. But the level of equipment of sedan, the Germans have improved. Now, there are a lot of available systems for this model. But, as before, to feel the full pleasure of innovative developments, you will have to fork out for the expensive versions because this Jetta is not too rich – just basic equipment.

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This car will be the most thrifty in your life. In a combined cycle, to overcome 100 km, it is required only 4 liters of fuel.

This is the compilation of the most popular vehicles available on the website. Search on, because a large selection of cars can give you a greater chance to find your dream car.

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