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Want to launch on social media?… launch TECNO style!

Want to launch on social media?… launch TECNO style!

There are Pros and Cons to the use of social media - experts will tell you this. One of the many Pros is that everyone gets to express themselves on socials, from the use of emojis, to GIFs and viral facial expressions… you get the point. Basically, the world has never been more liberal and democratic, all thanks to social media!

However, there are some negative twists to all the liberalism. The attention span of the average internet user is very short, and as a brand/individual you lose your hold on your audience is super-fast on social media if you don’t have something worth talking about. But if your digital marketer is like one of ‘em folks at TECNO, all he or she need do is stir the waters like this and….

Want to launch on social media?… launch TECNO style!

BANG!!! Social media is up buzzing like bees.

The current #BiggerAndLonger activity TECNO is running on its IG and Facebook handles has got all and sundry - brand faithfuls, haters, and stalkers, virtually everyone speculating about what the eccentric phone brand is up to.

The contention is understandable, anyone who knows TECNO Mobile most likely know the brand for amazing smartphones, however, when the mobile brand tasked its followers to share their stories of any event connecting it to the #BiggerAndLonger hashtag with an imagery like that? No doubt the TICKING TIME BOMB WOULD GO OFF.

But what is TECNO up to really? We have our fingers crossed!



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