Wonderful kola and fertility

Wonderful kola and fertility

Wonderful kola - what are its benefits for fertility? Uses of wonderful kola might be so unexpected. Read about its benefits to fight infertility forever.

Wonderful kola and fertility

Wonderful kola and fertility

Wonder kola or Hydrocotyle asiata or memory nut in the majority of cases is used for solving the problems connected with memory - enhancing memory capabilities. In addition to this, it promotes cleansing of the blood, improving learning capabilities and reserves. Wonderful kola also acts as a means for strengthening nervous system and promoting solving of questions connected with menses.

Wonderful kola can boast a range of health benefits. It can deal with hypertension, fast aging processes, migraine pain prevention, all the varieties of pain, respiratory diseases, a problem of quick ejaculation.

Wonderful kola and fertility

  • Irregular menstruation

In order to fight irregular menstruation which later may appear to be one of the factors influencing your fertility, you are to take 4 sliced pieces of bitter kola and grinded ginger - then you need to mix it and leave in water to start up fermentation processes.

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Wonderful kola nut

Wonderful kola and fertility

Such a mixture should be taken twice a day. You can also mix it with lime juice.

  • Infertility uses of wonderful kola for men

If you tend to suffer from impotency, take 3 pieces of wonder kola and prepare them with hot water, leave for two days, then drink it.

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Hope that now you know about its valuable properties for women health. If you have some problems connected with fertility, bear in mind that Wonder kola will help you to stay healthy and in good condition.

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