Top 6 scary gods Nigerians worship

Top 6 scary gods Nigerians worship

Nigerians are no strangers to the traditional form of worship. Decades before they became Christians or Muslims, they first worshiped gods whom they knew by names and served in various ways.

While worshiping in the traditional way is largely frowned upon or viewed as idolatrous these days, what were some gods Nigerians have worshiped in the past and some still worship at present:

1. Sopona


The Yoruba god of smallpox is known as Sopona (or Shapona). Adherents of the Yoruba traditional religion believed that smallpox was a disease foisted upon humans who offended Sopona.

The formal worship of the god of smallpox was controlled by specific priests in charge of shrines to the god.

People even believed that if the priests of Sopona were angered they were capable of causing smallpox outbreaks.

2. Esu

Esu god
Esu god

Esu is a fundamental Orisa and of great importance in Yoruba land. There is no shrine you will get to in Yoruba land where you will not see the image or a representation of Esu.

In fact, well-established towns also have their ESU at a spot, some in the entrance of the town. Esu in Yoruba tradition is sometimes viewed as the executioner.

3. Ogun

Ogun god
Ogun god

In Yoruba religion, Ogun is a primordial Orisha who first appeared as a hunter named Tobe Ode. He was the husband of Oya.

He is said to be the first Orisha to descend to the realm of Ile Aiye or Earth, Ogun is a warrior and a powerful spirit of metal work. He is also known as the god of iron.

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4. Ayelala

Ayelala is known to be an effective deity that punishes crime of various types. Ayelala is part of the pantheon of the Yoruba deities.

She is a powerful and widely respected deity because of her capacity and witches caught up in the clutches of Ayelala are known to confess their sins in the open.

It could be invoked to unravel the cause of diabolical cause of mysteries.

5. Amadioha

Amadioha is the Alusi god of thunder and lightning of the Igbo people. He is among the most popular of Igbo deities and in some parts of Igboland, he is referred to as Amadiora, Kamalu, Kamanu, or Ofufe.

It is believed that he punishes people who offend him by striking them down with thunder.

6. Agwu Nsi

The Igbo god named Agwu Nsi is described as the god of divination. Chinua Achebe in 1988 described him as a god of poets, healing, and divine madness and the patron of schizophrenia.


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