Benue state university school fees 2017

Benue state university school fees 2017

Today, it is impossible to imagine life without knowledge. Many seek to know more, to improve knowledge, to get success. There are several levels of education: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, vocational, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies. Everyone has the right to choose what suits him, what he wants to achieve.

If you are on the way to choose the educational institution for your further education and Benue State University has grabbed your attention, then this article about the courses and school fees will be useful for your further application.


Benue state university school fees
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Benue State Universiy situated in Benue State and is accredited by the National Universities Commission. It offers undergraduate as well as graduate programs. Among the advantages of Benue University is the presence of two libraries: Law Library and a University Library, which hold more than 22000 volumes of Nigerian and international authors, a good background for productive researches. The libraries work from Monday to Friday, open at 6 am and close at 10 pm. This institution provides education services in eight colleges. BSUM proposes the next faculties and courses:

Benue state university courses

Benue state university school fees

Benue state university courses

Benue state university school fees

Benue state university courses

Benue state university school fees

Benue state university courses

Benue state university school fees

The postgraduates are proposed the next Benue State University postgraduate courses:

  • Management;
  • Public Sector Accounting;
  • Philosophy;
  • Health Management;
  • Business Administration;
  • Planning Studies;
  • Computer Science.

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Benue State University school fees

The next questions, arising in your head: What is the process of submitting the entrance application? What are the steps for the correct payment? What are the application fees?

To satisfy the payment of the necessary fees such tool as “E-Payment platform” is very useful, you can get it choosing the option on the official University website.

To enter the graduate university program you must pay two fees: admission fee amounting to N400 and acceptance fee amounting to N5500.

Benue state university

Benue state university school fees

Payment process

Pre-print your Payment Reference Number and bring it to the bank (pay only by designated banks), after that you will get a Payment slip. Kindly note that it is important to specify a description of the payment purpose as “College Pay”.

Another option for the payment is ATM payment, using your card. Proceeding with a payment on a clearing basis you should remember the following:

  • Payment reference (Customer ID) will be the number, which was created by the E-Payment platform.
  • Insert the Payment Code 04255101.
  • Enter you GSM Number.
  • Print the Payment slip.

One more option is the Internet payment, especially Quickteller. For this option, please note:

  • Type in your Registration number.
  • Provide your contact details: email and phone number.
  • Keep all the online instructions.
  • After finishing, do not forget to get the payment slip.

Benue State University postgraduate school is also very popular among postgraduates. Candidates also should visit the official website of the University, choose postgraduate, provide by filling in the necessary info and click "Submit". The program will generate the Application number, so you are supposed to print the pre-registration form.

Benue state university postgraduate school

Benue state university school fees

Benue State University postgraduate school fees

The fees for postgraduates are higher in comparison with the fees for high school graduates. The Application fee in this case is N10000 and additional fee amounting to N2000. The designated bank for the payment is Fidelity Bank, the steps for the payment are the same.

Accepted candidates should wait for further instructions regarding resuming and registration.

We all have one thing in common - the desire to find our place in life. To help us in the achievement of our goal can only a modern high quality education, which allows believing that there are no limits for our possibilities. Good luck in the world of knowledge, just make the first step!

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