Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10

Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10

Did you ever think about best of Jay Jay Okocha skills? He is a powerful footballer with numerous talents. There is no people that can say that history of Jay Jay Okocha success is just luck. This sportsman can be named a person with inborn qualities for football. Jay Jay Okocha News keeps going viral in the internet! Check Top 10 best Jay Jay Okocha skills!

Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10

Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10

Corner Free kick

The freekicks are most popular types of goals by the football players. It`s no wonder, as it`s most difficult to block this goal. Jay Jay Okocha managed to master these goals. Many times he saved his team with a majestic goal from in the corner of the football gates.

Sombrero Move

In Jay Jay Okocha football career – this kind of skill can be named a Nigerian`s trade mark. Jay Jay used this trick many times in his career. He`s favorite way of performing the Sombrero Move is getting quite close to a defender by making a fake pass to a partner. When the defender thinks that he can take a ball, it flights over the head and leave the defender unarmed.

Powerful Goal

Jay Jay Okocha best goals couldn`t be possible without right dribbling technique as it gives a great potential to score a goal. His dribble technique is unstoppable. He can go everywhere on the field as long as he gets a ball. He starts dribbling nicely from the flanks until he finds a soft spot in the defenders` line. When Jay Jay Okocha gets through the defenders’ loop, he quickly goes back to the center and dribbles as close to the gates as possible. After few minutes of this fantastic dribbling technique – you can witness one of Jay Jay Okocha goals in real time.

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Dazzling Dribble

Back to the fantastic dribbling skills of Jay Jay Okocha. No matter how he handles the ball, he just can simply get it through the line of defenders by himself. It`s almost impossible that an opponent can take the ball back with a pure lack. It needs something better to overplay Jay jay Okocha. His dazzling ball technique helps him to protect the ball until he gets maximum close to the gates.

Dazzling Dribble

Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10


Quick changing turns and sides moves is one of the next best Jay Jay Okocha skills. The Heighting trick is quite simple – you just need to put height to the ball via a kick from the underneath of the ball. And know, imagine to perform this quick process in the field, when all the opponents are attacking you.

Mid Air Elastic

It`s another trick in the Jay Jay Ockocha sleeves. He just needs to kick the ball to the side of the defender. He starts instantly by kicking the ball up to the middle of his body. It helps him to stay in close distance with the ball and in the same time dodge the attacks of the opponents. The ball keeps to be in the possession of Jay Jay and he can easily run away from the opponents.

Back Heel Pass

Football is a team sport. It means that you can`t play alone without partners around you. Jay Jay Okocha knows that and his skills are made not only for the offensive tactics. If there is no way to dodge the opponent and Jay Jay has a teammate behind him – he just closes in rage with the opponent and with kicking the ball back of the heel, he passes it to the teammate. The results are simple - the ball is still in the possession of the Jay Jay`s team.

Reverse Flick Over

Jay-Jay Okocha's skills - Top 10

Reverse Flick Over

Reverse Flick Over is the best and most used Jay Jay Okocha skills. He simply flicks the ball from the behind when he is on the run. It goes over the head of the opponent and provides Jay jay to continue his sprint to the gates of the opponent. After the reverse flick over, the opponent gets frustrated as it usually leaves him no choice then to leave Jay Jay for the run to the gates.

Wrap Around Pass

Okocha performs this trick whenever he goes directly to the goal. When he sees a teammate that is completely unguarded by the defenders, he curls his foo to wrap around and passes the ball to the partner. Jay Jay simply deceives the opponent and instead of moving forward, he kicks the ball to a partner and continues the chase for the goal.

Flick and Pass

This is considered the best of Jay Jay Okocha's skills. With these moves, he can simply deceive the opponent. The trick is quite simple, he deceives the opponent with a false giving a ball and instead of this, the ball is to be given to the teammate right after the flick.

Jay Jay Okocha best goals are provided with years of training and dedication to the football. Okocha skills serve as examples of future generations of Nigeria football.

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