Save us from multiple taxations from EU, Africa, Nigerian writes open letter to President Trump

Save us from multiple taxations from EU, Africa, Nigerian writes open letter to President Trump

Editor’s note: Multiple taxation and extortion have been identified as one of the reasons most companies fold up not only in Africa but world over. It is a great factor that inhibits the growth of many companies across the globe.

In his article, Lal Ibru Matthew, the contributor urges President Donald Trump of America to put a halt to multiple taxations his company, ‘Kruxland Petroleum’ is grappling with and ensure all the extorted funds are refunded immediately.

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It is my honuor and privilege to write you after changing the political landscape in American election with one very last letter with evidence copied to Mr.James Comey and D O J to re-open the Hillary Clinton's investigation, providing the evidence of bribes and corruption by Clinton foundation selling American policy favours for cash which started actually in 1997 by then President Bill Clinton and Hillary.

Save us from multiple taxations from EU, Africa, Nigerian writes open letter to President Trump

Under the current system including American Presidencies and Congress, watchful eyes of UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO and other American treaties both military, trade and financial; America keeps borrowing to eat, borrowing to fight foreign wars, to subsidize taxes, and to give foreign aid, a total of $21 Trillion borrowed so far.

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When America was giving away approximately $400 Billion yearly as foreign aid to change regimes, government and bring infrastructure and developments in foreign lands, when foreign leaders and their government looted their own treasury money by multi headed monumental scams, bribes, instead of transparency accountability and rule of law to develop their own countries, they looted almost $1.2 Trillion yearly to worldwide tax havens owns by Europeans, Americans and Asians.

Successfully conducting by Shell companies, hollow shallow shadow financial banking system and wealth fund managers called the back door banking. Hence the watchful bogus eyes of UN, World Bank, IMF and WTO, the world become poorer, hungrier and in conflicts in spite of America's yearly foreign aid of $400 Billion by direct cash, by USAID and other agencies.

It is true and it’s happening in Mexico, Honduras, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Saudi, Egypt, UAE and every developing country as their wealth is being looted to worldwide tax havens finally with the help of international wealth fund managers working closely with foreign leaders, their cabinet ministers, family and elites.

When European, African and Asian leaders found the looting foreign wealth is easy and interesting to their tax havens called the modern day slavery which is actually started around the Second World War, Europeans and their spy agencies made up phony stories too, to keep American leaders and America busy to make a living.

The stories as the need of cold war keep going, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq by Saddam Hussein, Mummar Ghaddafi and Libya's threat, Communist China the next supreme power and all those actually worked with the Russian trained Arkansas communist called President Bill Clinton, another useful idiot from Texas called George W. Bush and with Barrack Barry Hussein Obama.

The cooked up theory by spy agencies of Israel and British for helping Prime Minister Tony Blair's prevalence then and for to keep America busy with George W. Bush and America's own spy networks, did cost almost $10 Trillion so far, an unstable and destroyed middle east, arise and spread of Al Qada, ISIS, Al Shabab and Boko Haram.

Also, Interestingly Europeans and Africans (UK, France, Swiss, EU and Nigeria) went after the investors and their investments originated between America, Africa via then Europe.

Nigerians and Europeans keep charging repeat and multiple taxes and various repeat fees for sending the bank transfers to American bank Accounts supported and guaranteed by their Presidential and Congress letters, resignation letters and fees receipts but nothing ever happens due to the irresponsible, incompetent and idiotic American leaders.

Kruxland petroleum and other almost twenty five beneficiaries being extorted by this European - Nigerian scheme which the extortion started almost two decades ago by then President Olusegun Obasanjo in Nigeria, Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush with daily extortion, Nigerians- Europeans with their various government agencies, EU and affiliated international banks including Citi Corp and their affiliated banks in worldwide extorted Kruxland petroleum close to a thirty million dollars ($30 million) so far, has killed our twenty some loved ones through unwarranted sufferings both financial and fiscal, destroyed our two generations and still keep going daily.

Save us from multiple taxations from EU, Africa, Nigerian writes open letter to President Trump

In spite from the above business payments of Kruxland Petroleum from Nigeria, another transfer authorized by a wealthy family member in Nigeria from his own bank deposit with NatWest bank, London to pay off our debts incurred by the same previous extortions, the transfer approved and legalized by the bank executives in October 2011 but we are still waiting for the transfer to be arrived.

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When we brought the matter with Prime Minister Theresa May thru President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria three months ago, Theresa May assured our funds of 6.5 million pounds with earned interest of 20% will be transferred before December 31st 2016 but she too failed and she has no honour of her words like all her predecessors.

Mr. President Trump we need an immediate solution to our predicament and we need all our funds immediately. Twenty years of daily extortion, guarantees, stories, sufferings and endemic loss by allies and friends to buy their daily rice, is indeed a life time of sufferings under the watchful eyes of fake news media, UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, G20 and the incompetent and uninformed American leaders.

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