HIV symptoms in men

HIV symptoms in men

Unfortunately, the HIV infection is not uncommon in our time. A lot of people, who carriers of the virus are not even aware that they are already infected, so they continue to live an active sex life. Thus, according to WHO, about half of the carriers of the virus are unaware of their disease. That’s why it is very important to know signs and symptoms of HIV virus.

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HIV symptoms in men

HIV is a very serious virus, which is a major global health problem. Each year it kills more than one million people.

It would be a mistake to think that HIV and AIDS is a disease peculiar to the persons involved in prostitution, drug users, or those who have only short relationships and promiscuity.

Important note

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HIV symptoms in men

HIV can be transmitted even using non-sterile instruments during the manicure procedures, so the general population is at risk.

When a virus is detected timely and there is a conscientious treatment of the virus, a carrier can live a long and happy life. Not to let the trouble come quickly, it is necessary to know symptoms of HIV and AIDS in the early stages of the disease in men and what you should know about maintenance of the body in this disease.

Consider the basic HIV symptoms in men.

Early signs of HIV. Persistent development stage of HIV

Early signs of HIV

HIV symptoms in men

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HIV may not show itself for a long time, or the symptoms may seem minor or medium, but the early symptoms can still be recognized if to look at your health closely. Typically, after a few weeks of infection, the patient feels deterioration of health comparable to the symptoms of the common cold: slight fever, swollen lymph nodes in the groin, in the armpits, in the area of the chin, strong pain in the throat.

If you notice inflammation in the lymph nodes, it is necessary not only to check for HIV infection but also for other diseases, as enlarged and inflamed lymph node is a signal of the body's disease. A lot of patients do not refer to these symptoms seriously, taking them for the common cold, not entailing any serious health risk.

The latent stage of HIV

latent stage of HIV

HIV symptoms in men

After the persistent stage virus development becomes latent, ie hidden. The infected person may not notice any change in his health for a long time, up to several years. The length of the latent stage depends on the immunity of the patient, on the lifestyle that he leads.

If an infected person is using drugs, alcohol is a smoker, the latent stage can even end at the expiration of two months. But taking care of your health is also necessary for a latent period. Despite the fact that it passes without any symptoms, the virus will have an effect, such as non-healing sores or scratches. If you notice that the cuts do not heal for a long time, though it has not been noticed earlier, you get sick more often, you get colds or fungal diseases - it is best to seek medical advice.

HIV symptoms

HIV symptoms in men

In order not miss the moment when you are infected, you should undergo special tests to identify HIV antibodies in the blood. The analyses need to be taken twice: the first time in two weeks after the alleged contamination, the second in three - six months. This is connected with the frequency of ‘serological window’, that is the period when the virus is not detected even if a person is infected.

If you suspect that you might be infected with HIV, it is best to go to the nearest AIDS-center and get tested immediately, especially because they are free.

Important note

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HIV symptoms in men

The virus is transmitted through blood (blood transfusion, the collective use of a syringe for injecting) and through unprotected sex (including anal, oral, vaginal).

It is important to know that if you are HIV positive, you can infect your sexual partner or person with whom you use drugs, so if you have the slightest suspicion that you are infected, you must begin to use condoms at all kinds of sex and a separate, sterile syringe using drugs before delivery of the analyzes. The deliberate transmission of HIV is a criminal offense and punishable by law.

Symptoms of HIV in men and the major signs of AIDS

symptoms of HIV

HIV symptoms in men

Symptoms of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), in contrast to HIV infection, are difficult to miss. AIDS disease is a late stage of HIV infection. It, unfortunately, ends with death.

AIDS usually occurs after years of HIV infection. It will inevitably come because of the dispensable respect to their health.

The symptoms of AIDS in men may include:

HIV positive

HIV symptoms in men

• Severe persistent cough, shortness of breath.

• Seizures, convulsions.

• Psychiatric symptoms: partial loss of memory, anxiety.

• Frequent diarrhea, stomach cramps, frequent vomiting.

• Severe weight loss.

• Coma.

• Strong fever, which is difficult to bring down.

HIV protection

HIV symptoms in men

AIDS patients die from different diseases, even the common cold can turn into fatal. This is because the human immune system in AIDS almost reaches zero, any slight disease becomes fatal. AIDS patients usually die of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, reproductive organs, lung, or Kaposi's sarcoma (Kaposi's symptoms are brown or reddish tumors throughout the body).

• AIDS itself does not lead to patient's death; the death is caused by concomitant diseases.

• If you have AIDS your number of ‘protecting’ lymphocytes will tend to zero.

• AIDS patient is often no longer able to help himself, and any movement gives the body pain and difficulty.

• Caring for people with AIDS is carried out at home or at the hospice.

• AIDS death occurs within 2-3 years.

Signs of HIV infection in men: when does the infection manifest itself?

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HIV symptoms in men

HIV infection in men will be felt later than in women, as the man's body is stronger than feminine one, and it can hence the pressure of HIV infection a bit longer. On average, having a relatively affluent lifestyle a person gets the warning signs of HIV within 2-5 years.

• During this period, the body will gradually have to surrender to HIV infection.

• The patient will get sick more often and it will be harder to recover, even banal SARS, scratches and bruises will heal more slowly, and the mood will be getting worse.

• HIV carrier would feel a constant weakness, fatigue. He will have the frequent and seemingly unexplainable headaches.

• Due to the development of HIV the patient is losing weight, he gets poor eyesight and occasionally it becomes difficult to breathe.

• If the patient uses drugs, HIV most likely manifests in the form of tuberculosis, hepatitis, heart failure.

Important note

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HIV symptoms in men

Addicted people pass the latent stage of HIV faster than those who do not use drugs. This is due to the initial weakness of the addicted body.

Unfortunately, modern medicine has not cured HIV and AIDS yet, but thanks to the modern diagnosis of the disease at the moment there is the proper treatment, which can significantly reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, maintain an adequate level of immunity for an extended time successfully, let lead an active and fulfilling life, let live up to a ripe old age. Remember, HIV is not a sentence. If you have concerns about a possible infection, it is best to consult your doctor or therapist at the AIDS center immediately.

HIV in Nigeria

hiv in nigeria

HIV symptoms in men

Supportive care, provision of medicines and tests are free in Nigeria. If you do not want to wait for the results of the analyzes for a long time, you can undergo the rapid test for HIV and know your status within half an hour. Pay attention to your health and the lifestyle that you have, try not to be engaged in an unprotected sex, do not use the same needle at all, get your manicure set with you into the cabin.

People with HIV / AIDS in Nigeria:

Nigerian HIV patients

HIV symptoms in men

The number of adults living with HIV / AIDS - 5.4%

The number of deaths from HIV / AIDS - 310,000

The number of people living with HIV / AIDS, including children - 3.6 million

A particular problem of the Nigerian health service is AIDS - Nigeria belongs to the top ten countries in the world where the largest number of people infected with AIDS live. In 2003, there were 3.6 million of the HIV-infected and AIDS patients, 310 thousand of men die.

In 1970 the average life expectancy for men was 37.2 years and women - 36.7, by 2011 these figures rose to 55.3 in women, in men to 48.9, which indicate the improvement of the quality of life and the healthcare, but it is still not enough.

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HIV symptoms in men

There is a huge problem in Nigeria and it is called brothels. Dirt, neglect, lack of sanitation and the girls to have fun with, a quarter of which are infected with the HIV virus – that is a shocking truth about the brothels in Nigeria. In a country where millions of people are dying from AIDS, virtually nothing has been done in order to low the prostitution to at least civilized framework. HIV virus is spreading to the whole country from Nigerian brothels.

Photo report from the slums of Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, shows that the prostitutes living and serving customers in the dirt and unsanitary conditions. But this is not the worst. The scary thing is that tens of thousands of Nigerian sex workers are infected with HIV. According to experts, every fourth girl has the virus. Misunderstanding of prostitutes and their clients of the principles of safe sex and frequent rejection of condoms help the spread of the epidemic. That’s why men should be aware of the situation and protect themselves.

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HIV symptoms in men

However, according to the Government of Nigeria, more than 6.7 million people have got HIV testing in 2016, and the proportion of the population receiving the necessary treatment has already reached 22%. The global goal of HIV treatment suggests that by 2020, 90% of people living with HIV will receive life-saving antiretroviral therapy.

Timely diagnosis and the treatment in time begin the process - it is the key to your long and happy life, for which HIV infection is not a hindrance, and in which this deadly disease like AIDS, has no place at all.

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