Ovulation calculation for twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

Ovulation calculation for twins? How to conduct such calculations? What is ovulation calculator for boy twins? Are you aware of the most favourable for twins birth conception days? If not, you are welcome to reading and finding out all the important details.

Ovulation calculation for twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

The appearance of twins in the family always causes increased interest of friends, relatives and even strangers. How is it possible that you have given birth to two completely different kids or vice versa – you can’t differentiate one from another. Read an explanation given by the doctors.

Ovulation calculation for twins: fraternal and identical twins

Ovulation calculation

Ovulation calculation for twins

If in the mother’s ovary there is not one, but two ovules at the same time, and they get fertilized by different spermatozoa, this way in the uterus may be several embryos. Such twins are usually called fraternal twins. These kids may have different sexes and even different blood types. They are similar to each other to the extent to which are similar just brothers and sisters.

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However, identical twins is quite another matter. One fertilized ovule at a very early stage of crushing is divided into two fetuses with exactly the same genetic material. Born kids resemble each other completely. They are called identical twins. They are similar to each other.

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CUTE twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

According to the doctors, women with short cycle have more chances for conception of twins.

For many centuries people have been trying to unravel the mystery of the twins and to calculate the probability of having twins – make use of ovulation calculator for twins. But only with the development of science there appeared some evidence that the greatest role in the development of multiple pregnancy plays a hereditary factor. The age of the mother also plays some role. Still experts are trying to prove that the occurrence of multiple pregnancy is affected by hormonal balance in a woman's body, if she was taking contraceptives.

calculation for twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

Ovulation calculator for twins: the most unpleasant days

Most non-favourable days for conception of twins are at the time of menstruation and a week after it, so it turns out that this time shouldn’t be included to the list of best conception days.

• You need to waste several months to watch your menstruation cycle, if it is regular or not, if it is so, then you won’t have any problems with ovulation calculator for twins (in the middle of the cycle).

• You have to try to do this at the time when matured ovules are to leave uterine tubes.

• If you are interested in conception of twins of the same sex, then you need to start the issue before the new moon, vice versa is the situation when you want to give birth to children of different sex- you are to shout from sexual delight and have orgasm just before the appearance of full moon.

YOUNG twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

• It is believed that such factors as nutrition and time of year, when there was a conception, may contribute to twins birth.

Ovulation calculator for boy twins

If your main aim is to give birth to boy twins, then you have to pay attention to the sex position – opt for the position with deep penetration because of the fact that Y-spermatozoa have shorter life expectancy in comparison with X-spermatozoa, so you have to provide them with the shortest way to girl’s uterus.

for twins

Ovulation calculation for twins


In addition to this, you must follow special diet, which means exclusion of certain kinds of food.

  • Age and ovulation connection

The older expectant mother is, the greater is her chance of conceiving multiple babies. With age, ovulation occurs in every cycle, which is quite normal. And the resulting unrealized hormones, affecting ovulation, accumulate and are released during the next cycle stimulating the release of several eggs.

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ADULTS twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

With each subsequent birth the chances of having twins increase. After the second birth – twice as much chances, after the fifth in five times.

Food and ovulation

Malnutrition or a very strict diet will deprive you of the opportunity to give birth to twins.

The time of conception

Probability to conceive twins in spring is much more high than durong any other seasons. More sun and activity of sex hormones increases.

Oral contraceptives

If a woman gets pregnant soon after stop to take birth control pills, she is more likely to conceive twins. But only if she was taking pills for at least 6 months.

BOY twins

Ovulation calculation for twins

If you have determined that you are a future mother of twins, please note a few recommendations:

1. The diet should be complete. The second baby should get at least 300 kcal, 1 portion of protein and one dose of calcium. The same applies to vitamins and minerals.

2. Monitor the growth of body mass. If body mass increase is unsatisfactory, it is necessary to determine the reasons for this.

3. You need to attend antenatal services regularly. It is essential to tell your doctor about all disturbing phenomena in your body.

4. Visit the school of motherhood. There you will learn relaxation techniques and proper behavior rules when carrying twins.

5. You need to discuss some moments with your doctor - whether you can continue to perform your duties at work.

6. Don't forget that you need physical activity. Hiking and swimming.

7. Prepare yourself and your family mentally for the fact that life will soon change. It will double the joy but also double the load.

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