Ovulation calculator for baby boy: how it works

Ovulation calculator for baby boy: how it works

Do you want to conceive a baby boy? Finding out when you are more likely to conceive a boy is not so difficult, especially in the modern age of the Internet, new technologies, and advanced developments. An accurate ovulation calculator for baby boy already exists and here is everything you need to know.

Ovulation calculator for baby boy
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Before figuring out how to have a baby boy, you must learn how to determine your cycle effectively. This is because you are more likely to conceive on the day that the egg leaves the ovary. To determine the perfect time for pregnancy you must subtract the luteal phase from the period of the menstrual cycle - usually, it means half of a cycle.

You do not need to carry out difficult calculations and take the difficult temperature measurements to know how to have a boy. There is a simple, yet effective tool found on numerous websites that deal with fertility and motherhood. The ovulation calculator will help you know the best time to conceive a baby boy after periods.

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What is ovulation and how to determine it?

ovulation period for baby boy
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The common lady's menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It means that the calculation of your ovulation in order to conceive a boy will convince you that conception can happen within 14 days.

As soon as the female body is close to the time of ovulation, there is a huge production of a well-known hormone which is called estrogen. And when the estrogen level reaches the peak, there is a considerable amount of release of luteinizing hormone. The perfect time for a woman to conceive a baby boy is only two days after the release of this special hormone.

It is currently possible to find out everything with the help of specialized home tests demonstrating the level of concentration of LH - you can easily buy them at any pharmacy. It is better to start doing your tests twice a day in the middle of the cycle.

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A lot of women can easily determine their cycle by the body signals - they experience a feeling of pain and discomfort in the abdomen all day. For others it is an unfamiliar sense - in this case, you must rely on the calculator to help you.

In the case of any problems with the cycle regularity, determining the special day for conception will not be easy for you, so it is really recommended to consult your gynecologist, who can easily advise you on this issue.

How to conceive a baby boy, if you know the day of ovulation?

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Calculating the cycle is a process that is considered the most reliable and efficient, despite its labor intensity. A present method takes into account the fact that the sperm must be more rapid to create a boy and that it has a shorter duration of life. Considering all of the above, the fertilization should take place on the day of ovulation, or about twelve hours before its occurrence.

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These methods will help you to conceive a baby boy

If you are interested in how to conceive a boy by calculating the menstrual cycle, and what else can be necessary for the application of this special method, the only thing you have to find out is when the start and end of your cycle. The gender of a child can be determined by a specialized program which is called the Ovulation Calculator.

This is the most effortless method of identifying your most fertile day. The calculator will help you determine the ovulation period for baby boy. The accuracy of the calculation program is approximate - women's menstrual cycle may shift due to infections, journeys, and even simple stress!

To figure out how to conceive a baby boy surely, it is also possible to make calculations analyzing the changes in the woman's basal body temperature. The method is known as Basal Body Temperature Charting.

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This type of temperature should be measured in the rectum daily in the morning, recording the dynamics. The day when the temperature is the lowest is when you are most fertile.

On the basis of data collected over a few months, you will have a clear predictor of your fertility. You will easily identify when you are most fertile and use that day to try to get pregnant and have a male child.

Ovulation calculator for a boy: tips and tricks

ovulation period for baby boy
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If you have been asking, "how can I get pregnant with a boy?", use the following guidelines and tips:

  1. It is not enough to simply calculate your cycle to conceive a boy; you need to make love in the correct position. In this case, the penetration depth is very important - that is, the deeper it is, the higher the chances of survival for the male sperm. In this case, you are advised to take into account such postures as rider position and ‘the man behind’.
  2. You should not hurry during lovemaking. A woman should climax during mating to change the state of her reproductive organs. The chances are increased by changing the acidity of the vaginal environment; the increasing pH significantly prolongs the viability of sperm.
  3. After making love, you should refrain from the shower for a while, and in general, bathroom procedures should be excluded.
  4. Towards the middle of your cycle, you should better increase the amount of different food that contains protein in your diet. You can eat meat, eggs, fish, and beans. In addition, it is better to reduce the consumption of all foods that create an environment for girls to be conceived - these are all dairy products and also foods that contain a high amount of fiber. The concept of a gender swaying diet is new but worth a try.

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Frequently asked questions about conceiving a baby boy

While trying to conceive, most women have a hard time foreseeing when is the right time to try for a specific gender.

How many days before ovulation should you conceive a boy?

Since the sperm that forms boys is faster but weaker, an attempt to conceive a male child is more successful as you get closer to your fertile day. Making love on your most fertile day is bound to increase your chances. Predicting your cycle accurately is the key to birthing the gender of your choice.

Which is the best day to conceive a baby boy after periods?

4 - 5 days after your menses is the best day to try and conceive a boy. This is because your womb is ready for fertilization several days after your period ends. By using a calculator and monitoring your cycle, you will identify the best day for conception.

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How do you guarantee a baby boy?

There is no natural method that guarantees the sex of a baby. However, you can use artificial methods that are offered in certified fertility clinics. These methods require you to follow a strict regimen and might take away all the fun from the baby-making process.

In fact, clinical methods might require you to abstain from intercourse for a while so that your partner's sperm is collected. If you do not want to use a clinical path, your best option is to use the calculator to predict your menses and have intercourse at the right time.

Trying to conceive is a journey that requires a lot of planning and patience. Now that you know how the ovulation calculator for baby boy works, do not hesitate to use one. Simply follow the instructions in this guide and who knows - you might just get lucky!

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